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EBOT F393, Introduction to Ethnomycology Spring 2016 (PDF)

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Summer Field Class - Kotzebue, Alaska 2014

This film takes viewers into the happenings at the University of Alaska Fairbanks ethnobotany course in Kotzebue, Alaska, in the summer of 2014. Through interviews with instructors, Elders and students,  you will get an idea of what to expect out of a two-week intensive summer field course, which is part of the ethnobotany certificate program.  

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 Introduction to Ethnobotany EBOT 100 2015 

Learn about native plants and their uses this summer! Join us at Scammon Bay, 13-24 July, for the 3 credit Introduction to Ethnobotany class.

Scholarships are available or students enrolled in the Ethnobotany Certificate Program. Click here for the EBOT Program application (PDF).

Ethnobotanical Chemistry EBOT F230 2015

Learn about the chemical structure and function of medicinally active compounds in culturally relevant botanicals.

EBOT 230 is part of the UA Ethnobotany certificate program and is considered a Biology elective course.

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