Youth Climbing Program

Providing climbing exposure and instruction for Fairbanks youth, ages 8-18

The mission of the Fairbanks Youth Climbing Program is to introduce and cultivate rock climbing skills, techniques, and movement within the Fairbanks area youth.  The purpose of this mission is to enhance teamwork, communication, and confidence within our climbers.  Our teaching methods nurture this purpose.

  • We operate on the University Schedule.  See below to for a printable copy of our schedule.

All instruction will take place under the expert supervision of our climbing instructor staff. 

Spring 2015

We currently offer two practice types; check back late spring for our summer offerings

Rec Climbing Club:   This after-school climbing session aims to teach basic rock climbing skills and technique through top rope climbing and bouldering indoors. We also implement communication, teamwork, problem solving, trust, and confidence through climbing with a small group of climbers. We want to grow a lifelong appreciation of climbing in our participants.

  • Offered: Thursday 3:30-5:30pm during Spring 2015
  • Cost:  $25/session
  • Space limited to 6 students
  • Minimum age: 8 years old

Fairbanks Flash-Competitive Youth Climbing Team:  The team gives climbers the chance to compete with other youth clibing teams in our Region: Alaska/Washington, Division: 1. The team is invite only. We select climbers based on their experience, years climbing, natural talent, etc, and climbers are invited on a case-by-case basis. Practices are specifically aimed at teaching each climber the skills and technique he or she needs in order to compete at USA Climbing sactioned competitions. During practice, our coaches work with each athelete to prevent injury, maximize climbing time, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, motivate, inspire, and promote a healthy team environment. 

  • Offered: two sessions per week during Spring 2015
  • Cost:  $30/session 
  • Minimum age: 10 years old

How to Sign up:

At the SRC front desk in person or over the phone. Payment required at time of registration.

When you come to your first practice please be prepared to fill out our youth program forms for your child.

For more information contact:

Jaime Shorey 
Outdoor Adventures Graduate Assistant 
(907) 474-6306

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