Math Bridge Program

what we do

Math Bridge Program (MBP) was founded to improve the passing rates of core math classes at UAF.

We help students develop the skills and knowledge to be successful in college math classes.

In the six years since our program began, approximately 85% of students who have completed MBP has passed a corresponding core math class.

who should participate
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Beginning Fall 2015, you may be required to take Math Bridge.

If you have previously failed or withdrawn from Math F122X, Math F151X, Math 230X, or Math F251X and want to re-take that class, you MUST take Math Bridge; there are two Math Bridge Programs to choose from.

If any of the following scenarios apply to you, we strongly recommend that you take Math Bridge, but it is not required.

  • If your UAF Math Placement Test score is in the lowest range for the class in which you are enrolling
    • For Math 151 in the range of 55-60
    • For Math 122 in the range of 55-60
    • For Math 230 in the rage of 70-75
    • For Math 251 in the range of 78-83
  • If you received the following grade in a specific class and are enrolling in the next class in the sequence
    • If you received a B in Devm 105 and want to enroll in Math 151/122
    • If you received a C in Devm 106 and want to enroll in Math 151/122
    • If you received a C in Math 122 and want to enroll in Math 230
    • If you received a B or a C in Math 151 (previously known as 107) and want to enroll in Math 251.
  • If you have not taken a math course in the last six months!                                                 

choose a program

two supplemental remediation programs, implemented as 1-credit courses, & available for students who plan to take
 →Math 122: 
Precalculus for Business & Economics
 →Math 151: College Algebra for Calculus

 →Math 230: Essential Calculus
 →Math 251: Calculus I

  • Pre-Semester Prep (PSP) 
    • Spans the two weeks before each semester (Wintermester, Maymester, Augustmester)
    • Listed under the Fairbanks Campus 
    • Uses acclaimed online program ALEKS to reinforce prerequisite material
    • Incorporates exercises to focus to on study skills
    • Offered online for students in online sections of the math course
    • Students are required to attend or have a proctor for the Initial and Final assessments in this course
  • Skill Workshops (SW) 
    • Semester-long concurrent course that meets twice a week for an hour each time
    • Classes expand on and take a step back from the material in the corresponding math class
    • Small class sizes & personal attention from Math Bridge Assistants
    • Incorporates exercises to focus on study skills


Contact: Deven Barnett, Math Bridge Assistant or Eielson Building 302C

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