About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase cultural awareness and strengthen leadership capacity for rural and Indigenous communities in Alaska and the Circumpolar North through degree programs that promote academic excellence, personal development, professional skills, global awareness and respect for Indigenous cultures and commitment to community.


Degrees Offered

The Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development (DANSRD) offers Bachelors of Arts (BA) degrees with majors in:

  • Alaska Native Studies
  • Rural Development

The BA in Alaska Native Studies has concentrations in:

  • Indigenous Peoples in Law, Governance, and Politics
  • Alaska Native Knowledge, Cultural Resources, and Expression
  • Alaska Native Peoples: Health, Wellness, and the Environment

The BA in Rural Development has concentrations in:

  • Human and Social Development
  • Tribal and Municipal Governance
  • Integrated Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 
  • Multidisciplinary 

Graduate degrees include:

  • Masters of Arts (MA) in Rural Development