Cathy Brooks, M.S.

Cathy BrooksCathy Brooks is an assistant professor in the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development (DANSRD) at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) teaching both Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development courses. She currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Festival of Native Arts and teaches courses related to the student involvement in the Festival. She also teaches Rural Development courses tied to tourism, entrepreneurship, business planning and management. » Prior to joining DANSRD, Brooks was an adjunct instructor for UAF’s Interior-Aleutians Campus and UAF’s Developmental Education Department. She has also owned a small business and worked in a variety of offices and labs. An active member of the Fairbanks community, she is member of several organizations such as the Alaska Native Education Parent Advisory Committee, Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau and Fairbanks Arts Association. She holds a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Agricultural and Extension Education from the Pennsylvania State University.

Having left academia for the “real” world and then returning, Brooks sees case studies as a powerful tool to use in the classroom. She consider using case studies as a culturally relevant way to integrate what is happening now with history and empowering the students with an understanding that will impact their decisions in the future.