Fall 2015 Registration Begins April 6, 2015


Please fill out the CRCD Registration form and fax to DANSRD at (907) 474-6325 or email to Crystal Frank at cafrank@alaska.edu

DANSRD Course Schedule Links

For additional CRCD course listings see:

Note: The CRCD Cross-Regional Schedule will no longer be printed as a hard copy.  All course schedules will be available online.

How to Schedule an Appointment with our Academic Advisor/Student Success Coordinator

Advising is by appointment only.

To meet with our undergraduate advisor Ellarae Miner, please go to the following link https://dansrd.appointlet.com or call (907) 474-5948.

Advising sessions can be set via audio conference or in-person.

Spring 2015 DANSRD Course Flyers

  • ANS F160/F360 FE1 Alaska Native Dance
  • ANS F242 F01 Native Cultures of Alaska
  • ANS F251/351 F01 Practicum in Alaska Native Cultural Expression
  • ANS F310 DD1 Indigenous Land Settlements
  • ANS F320 DD1/F01 Language and Culture in Alaska
  • ANS F348 W DD1 Native North American Women
  • ANS F375 DD1 Native American Religion and Philosophy
  • ANS F461 DD1 Native Ways of Knowing
  • RD F492 DD2 NPS Leadership Seminar
  • RD F492 DD1 Leadership Seminar - Legislative Affairs

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