Department of Alaska Native Studies & Rural Development

Fairbanks office:

3rd floor Brooks Building

PO Box 756500

Fairbanks, AK 99775


Phone: (907) 474-6528

Toll free: 1-888-574-6528

Fax: (907) 474-6325


Anchorage office:

2221 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Room 200

Anchorage, AK 99508


Phone: (907) 279-2700

Toll free: 1-800-770-9531

Fax: (907) 279-2716

Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM


Please fill out the CRCD Registration form and fax to DANSRD at (907) 474-6325 or email to Crystal Frank at

NOTE: Fairbanks-based ANS and RD courses can be found on the UAF course finder

(For additional CRCD course listings see: Fall 2014 CRCD Cross-Regional Schedule webpage)

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DANSRD Distance Delivered Courses below:

ANS F320 DD1 Language and Culture in Alaska

ANS F348 W DD1 Native North American Women

RD F351 DD1 Strategic Planning for Rural Communities

RD F352 DD1 Rural Business Planning and Proposal Development

ANS F375 DD1 Native American Religion & Philosophy

ANS F461 DD1 Native Ways of Knowing (h)

RD F492 DD3 Leadership Seminar National Park Service

RD F493 DD1 Leadership Seminar Legislative Workshop

RD F493 DD2 Leadership Seminar Legislative Workshop

ANS F493 DD1 The Politics of Indigenous Identity

Rural Development (RD) Courses

RD 265 Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska

RD F200 Community Development in the North

RD F300 Rural Development in a Global Perspective

RD F325 Community Development strategies

RD F350 Community Research in Indigenous Contexts

RD F400 DD1 Rural Development Internship

RD F401 Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders

RD F450 Managing Rural Projects and Programs

RD F430 Indigenous Economic Development and Entreprenuership

RD F465 Community Healing and Wellness

RD F470 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

RD F475 DD1 Rural Development Senior Project

Rural Development (RD) Graduate Courses

RD F600 Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium

RD F601 Political Economy of the Circumpolar North

RD F625 Community Development Strategies: Principles and Practices

RD F670 The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Pre-1971 to present

RD F698 Research

RD F699 Thesis

DANSRD On Campus Courses Below:

ANS F160 FE1 Alaska Native Dance

ANS F242 F01 Native Cultures of Alaska (s)

ANS F251 F01 Practicum in Native Culture Expression

ANS F351 F01 Practicum in Native Cultural Expression

RD F351 FM1 Strategic Planning for Rural Communities

ANS F310 F01 Indigenous Land Settlements (s)

ANS F360 FE1 Advance Alaska Native Dance

RD F265 FM1 Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska