M. Krauss, Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator Michael Krauss in the UAF IPY office. Photo by M. Kehrhahn-Stark 2009.

Michael E. Krauss (b. 1934)  is a linguist who has worked extensively on the Na-Dene' language family, especially on Proto-Athabaskan, pre-proto-Athabaskan, the Eyak language, and also numerous other Athabaskan and Eskimo-Aleut languages.

With his 1991 address to the Linguistic Society of America, Krauss was among the first to create an awareness of the global problem of endangered languages.  He has since worked tirelessly to encourage the documentation and re-vitalization of endangered language across the world.

Krauss, Professor Emeritus, joined the faculty of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1960 and served as director fo the Alaska Native Language Center from its inception in 1972 until his retirement in June 2000. He remains active in efforts to document Alaska's Native languages and encourages awareness of the global problem of endangered languages.


Born 15 August, 1934.

Married 1962 to Jane Lowell (1934-2003), six children.

Married 2006 to Molly Lee


Higher Education:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969-70 (linguistic theory).

University of Iceland 1958-60, Baccalaureatus philologiae Islandicae 1960.

Harvard University 1957-58, Ph.D. 1959 (linguistics and Celtic, disserta­tion “Studies in Irish Gaelic Phonology and Orthography”).

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 1956-57, Research Fellow.

University of Paris 1955-56, Certificat d’études supérieures 1956.

Columbia University 1954-55, M.A. 1955 (linguistics and Romance philology).

Western Reserve University 1953-54, B.A. 1954 (Romance languages).

University of Chicago 1950-53, B.A. 1953 (liberal arts).


Professional Positions and Experience:

University of Alaska, 1960 to present:

Carnegie Visiting (Assistant) Professor of Linguistics, 1960-1962;

Associate Professor of Linguistics 1962-68;

Professor of Linguistics, 1968-2000

Professor Emeritus, 2000-.

Head, Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages, 1961-64;

            Head, Alaska Native Language Program, 1972-2000;

Director, Alaska Native Language Center, 1972-2000.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969-70: Visiting Professor of Linguistics (on sabbatical leave from University of Alaska).

National Science Foundation Linguistics panel member, 1981-84.

International Journal of American Linguistics, Editorial Board member, 1982-2003.

Arctic Anthropology, Editorial Board member, 1989-.

President, Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas, 1991.

Chairman, Committee on Endangered Languages, Linguistic Society of America, 1991-93.

Member, UNESCO Committee on Language Endangerment, 1992-93.


Honors, Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants:

Linguistics Society of America named fellow at its 83rd Annual Meeting, 2009

Alaska Federation of Natives, Denali Award for contribution to the development of Native communities’ culture, economy and health, 2008

State of Alaska, Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Humanities, 2002

Alaska Humanities Forum, Distinguished Humanist of the Year 1981

National Endowment for the Humanities grants, principal investigator: research for and preparation of major dictionaries of eleven Alaska Native Languages, 1978-1983; for development of Yupik Eskimo Teaching Grammar, 1969; Alaska Native Writers Project, 1974-76; Alaska Native Language Center Library Catalog 1976-1977, 1981-82.

National Science Foundation research grants, principal investigator: basic research on Athabaskan and Eyak linguistics in Alaska 1961-68; St. Lawrence Island Yupik 1970-71; Alaskan Dictionary Project 1978-81 and 1982-84.

Fulbright Travel and Study Grant, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, 1958-60. Halldór Kiljan Laxness Fellowship, Scandinavian-American Foundation, for study in Iceland, 1958-59.

George C. Shattuck Fellowship, Harvard University, 1957-58.

Research Fellowship, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1956-57 (fieldwork on Inis Meadhóin, Co. Galway).

Boursier du Gouvernement français, 1955-56.

Fields of Interest

Minority/Endangered/Northern languages; Language Policies and Political Context; Documentation and Preservation of Languages; Historical Records and Resources


Specific Language Areas of Interest : Celtic (especially Irish Gaelic); Scandinavian (especially Icelandic and Faroese); Eyak; Athabaskan (especially Tanana, Han, and all other Alaskan; Comparative Athabaskan; Tsetsaut, Beaver, Chilcotin, Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanai,Plains Apache); Eskimo-Aleut (especially Central Siberian Yupik, Naukan, Sirenikski; Kurile Aleut)


Research and Related Activities:

Fieldwork survey of Alaskan Athabaskan languages 1961-63 and occasionally since; fieldwork on and analysis of Eyak, 1963-; much unpublished material and study on Athabaskan, comparative Athabaskan, and Eyak; preparation of the Eyak Texts and Eyak Dictionary occupied most of research time 1963-69. Fieldwork on St. Lawrence Island Yupik 1971-2 and occasionally since; fieldwork on Naukan Yupik 1985, 1996.

Research on and teaching of Eskimo at the University of Alaska, 1961-1963, occasionally since; program being continued and further developed by E.I. Reed, S.A. Jacobson, and others.

Since 1970 involvement in statewide programs in support of all Alaska Native Languages, administrative, organizational, and political work, resulting in bilingual education legislation, creation of Alaska Native Language Center, development of orthographies and beginning litera­tures; literacy workshops throughout Alaska for Tlingits, Haidas, Atha­baskans, Eskimos, Aleuts; training of Alaska Natives for professional level work with own languages; coordination with work in Denmark-Greenland, Canada, and USSR/Russia.

Assembling and archiving, and bibliographical work on comprehensive collection of all materials, published and unpublished, in or on Alaska Native languages.

Coordinator of exchange of Eskimo-Aleut language materials with U.S.S.R. (ACLS-ANSSSR), academic and diplomatic work for reestablishing communication between Soviet and Alaskan Eskimos.

Editor, Alaska Native Language Center Research Papers, seven volumes published 1979-1985.

Principal Investigator and general editor, major dictionaries of Alaskan languages (Central Yup'ik, Alutiiq, Siberian Yupik, Aleut, Inupiaq, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Koyukon, Ahtna, Tanaina), in progress.

Founding Chair, Linguistic Society of America Committee on Endangered Languages 1991-1994.


Publications, Books and Papers (since 1964):

“Proto-Athabaskan-Eyak and the Problem of Na-Dene I: Phonology” I(nternational) J(ournal of) A(merican) L(inguistics) 30.118-131 (1964).

“Proto-Athabaskan-Eyak and the Problem of Na-Dene II: Morphology” IJAL 31.18-28 (1965).

“Eyak: a Preliminary Report” Canadian Journal of Linguistics 10.167-186 (1965).

“Noun-classification Systems in Athabaskan, Eyak, Tlingit, and Haida Verbs” IJAL 34.193-203 (1968).

On the Classifiers in the Athabaskan, Eyak, and Tlingit Verb (Memoir 24, Indiana University Publications in Anthropology and Linguistics) 1969.

Eyak Texts (912 pp. typescript texts, translations, notes), MIT, 1970.

Eyak Dictionary (ca. 4,000 pp., typescript), MIT, 1970.

“Eskimo-Aleut” Current Trends in Linguistics, Vol. X (North America), The Hague, 1973. Pp. 796-902. Report on all linguistic and developmental work done on Eskimo and Aleut languages since 1945 in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, U.S.S.R., with full bibliography.

“Na-Dene” Current Trends in Linguistics, Vol. X (North America), The Hague, 1973. Pp. 903-908. Report on all linguistic work done in Haida, Tlingit, Eyak, and all Athabaskan languages since 1945, with full bibliography.

“E. S. Rubtsova” IJAL 40.44-46 (1974). Necrology.

“St. Lawrence Island and Siberian Eskimo Literature” ANLC, typescript, 1974. 44 pp. Report on all books and materials printed in the U.S.S.R. for Soviet Eskimos (1932-1965) and in Alaska for St. Lawrence Islanders.

Minto-Nenana Noun Dictionary preliminary version, ANLC, 1974. 56 pp.

Native Peoples and Languages of Alaska , ANLC, 1974 (full color map, 3' x 4'); second edition, revised, ANLC, 1982.

“St. Lawrence Island Eskimo Phonology and Orthography” Linguistics 152.40-72 (1975). Analysis of the sounds of the language and report on development of writing systems for it in Alaska 1910-72 and the U.S.S.R. 1932-56.

“Proto-Athabaskan Fricatives and the First Person Singular” typescript, 1975. 60 pp.

“Proto-Athabaskan-Eyak Kinship Terms” typescript, 1975. 40 pp.

“Chilcotin Phonology: A descriptive and historical report with recommendations for an orthography” typescript, 1975. 55 pp.

(with E. I. Reed, 0. Miyaoka, S. Jacobson and P. Afcan) Yup'ik Eskimo Grammar Alaska Native Language Center and Yup'ik Language Workshop, Fairbanks, 1977. 329 pp.

“The Eskimo Languages in Alaska, Yesterday and Today” In Bjarne Basse and Kirsten Jensen, eds., Eskimo Languages: Their Present-day Conditions Aarhus, 1979. pp.37-50. Danish version “Eskimo sprogene i Alaska i fortid og nutid” in Eskimosprogenes vilkår i dag Aarhus 1979. Pp.37-50.

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Alaska Native Languages, a Bibliographical Catalogue, Part I: Indian Languages Alaska Native Language Research Paper No.3, 1980. 455 pp.

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“On the History and Use of Comparative Athabaskan Linguistics” typescript, 1980. 63 pp.

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In Honor of Eyak: The Art of Anna Nelson Harry edited with translations and critical commentary. ANLC, 1982. 165 pp.

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43 pp.


2006 A History of Eyak Language Documentation and Study: Frederica De Laguna in Memorium Arctic Anthropology 43(2): 172-217.

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