Curriculum Vitae for A. Kibrik


Moscow 1 25 009 B. Kislovskij per. 1, 

Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Phone (495) 690 35 56, home (499) 766 80 91
Fax (495) 690 05 28

Born: June 18, 1963, Moscow.

Citizenship: Russia.


1988 - present: Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences; current title: Leading Researcher, Head of the project “Languages of the World”

1995 - present: lecturing at Moscow State University, current title: Professor


1984 - 1988: Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences; Ph.D. (Candidate of science) earned in April 1988

1979 - 1984: Moscow State University, Philological Faculty, Department of Linguistics; M.A. earned in June 1984


1984, M .A. Thesis: Povtornaja nominacija: tipy i mexanizmy (Repeated mention: types and mechanisms). MGU.

1988, Ph.D. dissertation: Tipologija sredstv oformlenija anaforicheskix svjazej. (A typology of anaphoric means). Institut Jazykoznanija AN SSSR.

2003, Doctor of Science dissertation: Analiz diskursa v kognitivnoj perspektive (Discourse analysis in a cognitive perspective). Institut Jazykoznanija RAN.


1991-92: visiting scholar, Department of Linguistics, University of California at Santa Barbara.
1992: visiting scholar, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona, Tucson.
1996-97: Fulbright visiting scholar, Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon, Eugene.
1997: Fulbright visiting scholar, Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
2000-01: Humboldt scholar, Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig.
2006-07: Humboldt scholar, Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig.


1995. Fulbright program: 10-month scholarship for visit in the USA in 1996-97.
1999-2001: Research Support Scheme: Cognitive organization of narrative discourse in children with neuroses.
2000, 2006: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: Scholarship for research stay in Germany in 2000-2001, 2006- 2007.
2001-2003: Russian Foundation for the Humanities : ”The Athabaskan linguistic type as a problem in theoretical and typological linguistics”.
2001: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology: A research grant for field work on Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan.
2003-2005: Russian Foundation for Basic Research : “Referential choice in discourse: a neural networks approach”.
2005-2007: Russian Foundation for the Humanities : “The discourse bases of grammatical, lexical, and non-verbal linguistic phenomena”.
2006-2008: Russian Foundation for Basic Research : “Cognitive mechanisms of discourse segmentation”.
2008-2010: Russian Foundation for the Humanities: “A multi-modal approach to the study of grammar and discourse”.


Theoretical functional linguistics, language and cognition, spoken and written discourse, syntax, semantics, linguistic typology, field linguistics, American Indian linguistics, Athabaskan languages, Turkic languages, Caucasian languages, West African languages, Russian grammar


1983 Ob anafore, dejksise i ix sootnoshenii (On anaphora, deixis, and the correlation between them). In: Razrabotka i primenenie lingvisticheskix processorov (ed. A.S.Narin'jani) Novosibirsk: VC SO AN SSSR, 107-129.


1987 Fokusirovanie vnimanija i mestoimenno-anaforicheskaja nominacija (Focusing of attention and pronominal anaphora). - Voprosy jazykoznanija, 1987, no. 3, 79-90.


1990 Mestoimenija: morfologicheskie, sintaksicheskie i diskursivnye aspekty (Pronouns: morphological, syntactic, and discourse aspects). In: E.Kubrjakova (ed.) Teorija grammatiki, Moscow: INION, 139-201.


1991 Maintenance of reference in sentence and discourse. - Winfred P.Lehmann, Helen-Jo J.Hewitt (eds.) Language typology. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 57-84.


1992 Relativization in polysynthetic languages . - International Journal of American Linguistics, vol. 58, No 2, 135-157.


1993 Transitivity increase in Athabaskan Languages. - B.Comrie and M.Polinsky (eds.) Causatives and transitivity. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 47-67.

1994 Kognitivnye issledovanija po diskursu (Cognitive studies 
in discourse). - Voprosy Jazykoznanija, No 5.
1995 (together with M.B.Bergelson) The system of switch-
reference in Tuva: converbal and masdar-case forms. 
E.Koenig and M.Haspelmath (eds.) Converbs in cross-

linguistic perspective. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 373-


1996 Transitivity decrease in Athabaskan languages. In: E. Jelinek et al. (eds.) Studies in Athabaskan linguistics. Albuquerque: UNM Press, 259-304.


1996 Anaphora in Russian narrative discourse: A cognitive calculative account. In: B.Fox (ed.) Studies in anaphora. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 255-304.


1996 Transitivity in Godoberi lexicon and grammar. In: Godoberi. Ed. by Aleksandr E. Kibrik. LINCOM Europa, 107-146.


1997 Funkcionalizm (American functionalism: A survey). In: Andrej A. Kibrik, I.M.Kobozeva, I.A.Sekerina (eds.) Surveys of modern American linguistics. Moscow: Izdatel'stvo MGU, 276-339.


1999 Cognitive inferences from discourse observations: Reference and working memory. In: K. van Hoek, A.A.Kibrik, and L.Noordman (eds.) Discourse studies in cognitive linguistics. Proceedings of the 5th International cognitive linguistics conference. Amsterdam: Benjamins.


1999 Polevaja lingvisticheskaja rabota na Aljaske: Issledovanija verxnekuskokwimskogo atabaskskogo jazyka (Linguistic field work in Alaska: Studies in Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan). In: A.Jagola, Professionaly za sotrudichestvo.


1999 Review of: Anatole V. Lyovin. An introduction to the languages of the world.

NY: Oxford University Press, 1977. American Anthropologist, 101.4: 12-14.


2000 A cognitive calculative approach towards discourse anaphora.  In: Paul Baker, Andrew Hardie, Tony McEnery and Anna Siewierska (eds.) Proceedings of the Discourse anaphora and reference resolution conference (DAARC 2000). Lancaster University: University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language, Technical Papers 12, 72-82.


2001 Reference-maintenance in discourse. In: M.Haspelmath, E.Koenig et al. (eds.) Handbook in typology. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


2001 Cognitive discourse analysis: Some results. In: “ Cognition in Language Use. Selected papers from the 7th International Pragmatics Conference”, Vol. 1. Edited by Enikö Németh T.  Antwerp, International Pragmatics Association, 164-180.


2002 Cognitive structure of narrative discourse: the analysis of children’s night dream stories. (With V.Podlesskaya, T. Kal’kova, and A. Litvinenko.)In: Computational linguistics and intellectual technology. Dialogue-2002. Vol 1. Moscow: Nauka, 635-647.


2002 Review of: Marianne Mithun. The languages of native North America. Cambridge: CUP. Linguistic typology, vol. 6-1: 117-122.


2002 (with Andre Gruening) - Referential Choice and Activation Factors: A Neural Network Approach. In: Antonio Branco, Tony McEnery and Ruslan Mitkov (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th Discourse anaphora and anaphor resolution colloquium. Lisbon: Edições Colibri, 2002, 81-86


2003 Jazyki mira i jazykovye arealy: prospekt uchebnika (Languages of the World and language areas: An outline of a textbook. In : Jazyki mira . Tipologija . Uralistika . М.: Indrik , 252-275.


2003 ( with Vera I . Podlesskaya ). K sozdaniju korpusov ustnoj russkoj rechi: principy transkribirovanija. (Towards the creation of corpora of spoken Russian: Principles of transcribing. In: Nauchno-texnicheskaja informacija, serija 2, 10, 5-13


2004 Coordination In Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan. In : Martin Haspelmath ( ed .) Coordinating constructions . Amsterdam : Benjamins, 537-554


2004 Review of: Yan Huang. Anaphora: a cross-linguistic study. Oxford: OUP. Linguistic typology, 8-3, 389-393


2005 (with Andre Gruening) - Modeling Referential Choice in Discourse: A Cognitive Calculative Approach and a Neural Networks Approach. In: António Branco, Tony McEnery and Ruslan Mitkov (eds.). "Anaphora Processing: Linguistic, Cognitive and Computational Modelling" Amsterdam : Benjamins, 163-198.


2006 (together with Vera I. Podlesskaya) Korrekcija v ustnoj russkoj monologicheskoj rechi po dannym korpusnogo issledovanija [Repair in Russian monologic speech]. In: Russkij jazyk v nauchnom osveshchenii, 2006, #2 (12), 7–55.


2006 (together with Vera I. Podlesskaya) Problema segmentacii ustnogo diskursa i kognitivnaja sistema govorjashchego [Segmentation of spoken discourse and the speaker’s cognitive system] In: V.D.Solovyev (ed.) Kognitivnye issledovanija, vol. 1. Moscow: Institut psixologii RAN, 138-158 .


2007 (together with Vera I. Podlesskaya) Samoispravlenija govorjashchego i drugie tipy rechevyx sboev kak ob’ekt annotirovanija v korpusax ustnoj rechi [Speaker’s self-repairs and other kinds of disfluencies as an object of annotation in corpora of spoken language]. In: Nauchno-texnicheskaja informacija, serija 2, 2007, #2, 2–23 .


2008 Propozicional’naja derivacija i atabaskskie jazyki [Propositional derivation and the Athabaskan languages] In: V.A.Plungian and S.G.Tatevosov (eds.) Glagol’naja derivacija.  Moscow : JaSK, 127-148.


2008 Finitnost’ i diskursivnaja funkcija klauzy (na primere karachaevo-balkarskogo jazyka) [Finiteness and the discourse function of the clause (based on data of Karachay-Balkar)]. In: V.A.Plungian and A.Ju.Urmanchieva (eds.). Issledovanija po teorii grammatiki. Grammaticheskie kategorii v diskurse.  Moscow: Indrik .


2008 Russkie zaimstvovanija v verxnekuskokvimskom jazyke i ekspedicija L.A.Zagoskina [Russian loanwords in Upper Kuskokwim and L.A.Zagoskin’s expedition]. In : Ju . Gordova et al . eds . Russkij puteshestvennik i obshchestvennyj dejatel ’ Lavrentij Zagoskin . Rjazan ’ , 141-147.


2008 Mul'timodal'naja lingvistika: napravlenija issledovanij [Mulrimodal linguistics: Directions of research]. In: V.N.Poljakov (ed.) Obrabotka teksta i kognitivnye tehnologii (Kognitivnoe modelirovanie v lingvistike. Trudy X mezhdunarodnoj konferencii). Kazan': Izd-vo Kazanskogo universiteta, 132-145.


IN ALL - about 190 publications in various areas of linguistics.

            CO-EDITED BOOKS

1997 Jazyki mira: Tjurkskie jazyki (Languages of the world: Turkic languages). Moscow: Indrik. 542 pp.

1997 Jazyki mira: Paleoaziatskie jazyki (Languages of the world: Paleoasiatic languages). Moscow: Indrik. 230 pp.

1997 Fundamental'nye napravlenija sovremennoj amerikanskoj lingvistiki (Fundamental trends in modern American linguistics). Moscow: Izd-vo MGU. 455 pp. 1998 Jazyk. Afrika. Ful'be (Language. Africa Fulbe). St. Petersburg - Moscow: Evropejskij Dom. 358 pp. 2nd edition, 2002.

1998 Jazyk. Afrika. Ful'be (Language. Africa Fulbe). St. Petersburg - Moscow: Evropejskij Dom. 358 pp.

1999 Discourse studies in cognitive linguistics. Proceedings of the 5th International cognitive linguistics conference. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

2004 Jazyki mira: Indoarijskie jazyki drevnego i srednego periodov. (Languages of the World: Indo-Aryan languages of the old and middle periods.) Moscow: Academia.

2005 Jazyki mira: Slavjanskie jazyki. (Languages of the World: Slavic languages.) Moscow: Academia.

2009 Rasskazy o snovidenijax: korpusnoe issledovanie ustnogo russkogo diskursa. [Night Dream Stories: A corpus study of spoken Russian discourse.] Moscow: JaSL. 736 pp.




Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (since 1989)

Cognitive Linguistics Association (since 1997)
Association for Linguistic Typology (since 1997)
Inter-regional Association for Cognitive Studies  (since 2006); member of the Association’s board.



Studies in Language (Amsterdam, John Benjamins), 1996 – 2004

Cognitive Linguistics (Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter), 1997 – 2004.
Typological Studies in Language (Amsterdam, John Benjamins), 1996 –
Kognitivnye issledovanija (Cognitive Studies; Moscow, Instutute of Psychology RAS), 2006 -




At present - 5 Ph.D. students working on their theses, one already got the degree.

10 M .A. students have obtained their degrees under my supervision.



Navajo, and Athabaskan in general, 1984 - present.
Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan, 1996 - present.
Pulaar (Atlantic), 1986 - present.
Tuva (Turkic), 1986 - 1996.
Godoberi and other Daghestanian languages, 1980 - 1996.
Svan (Kartvelian), 1989 - 1992.
Abkhaz (Abkhaz-Adyghe), 1987 - 1989.

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