Welcome to the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies

Welcome to the Center of Cross-Cultural Studies website. CXCS is the center for the PhD in Indigenous Studies at UAF. CXCS has a great team to assist current and prospective graduate students to navigate the University system. CXCS offers two graduate programs: an MA in Indigenous Studies and a PhD in Indigenous Studies. We serve Alaskan, national, and international students. Our programs are taught in-class and via audio-conference, and you can earn your graduate degree from almost anywhere, even from the comforts of your own home.

Part of our mission is to improve educational and professional development opportunities for rural Alaskans. We also serve as a forum for the examination of cross-cultural and Indigenous education and community development issues across the state, as well as nationally and internationally.

Through the interests of our students, our goal is to provide technical support and information to school districts, Native corporations, tribal governments, community organizations, and state and federal agencies serving Indigenous communities. Our Indigenous PhD program is the highest Native Studies degree granting program in the state and combined with our MA program, we work hard to increase the recognition of Indigenous scholarship across a range of academic disciplines to best serve our students.

If you are interested in furthering your graduate studies and developing your research to improve the quality of life in your community and internationally, please contact our office. Our faculty and staff are here to help and assist you with any questions you may have about our programs and your academic goals.

Apply today and join one of the most widely recognized group of graduate students and alumni of Indigenous Studies in the United States!