The Center for the Study of Security, Hazards, Response and Preparedness (C-SSHRP) sits within the School of Management (Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program) and in partnership with College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM), Geophysical Institute (GI) and the International Arctic Research Center (IARC). 


C-SSHRP aims to: 

  • Create new knowledge that reduces uncertainty in decision making
  • Provide world leading education and research opportunities
  • Train the next generation of emergency managers, responders and policy makers
  • Improve resilience should a disaster occur

Center News

Peter Webley Named Deputy Director of C-SSHRP

Cameron Carlson proposed Peter Webley to act as Deputy Director for C-SSHRP. Peter will assist Cam with Center correpondence, act as a point of contact for Center business, and produce letters of support for those wishing to connect their research to the Center. 

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