Grade and Academic Appeals

Grade Appeals 

A student who wishes to appeal a faculty decision on a final grade must submit a grade appeal form, available at the Office of the Registrar. There are only two valid reasons for an appeal of a grade: (1) an error in the calculation of the grade, or (2) arbitrary and capricious grading. Evidence of either must be documented for an appeal to be successful. Merely wanting a higher grade is not sufficient grounds to justify an appeal.

The informal portion of a grade appeal must be initiated within 15 class after the beginning of the next regular semester. By submitting a grade appeal, the student acknowledges that no additional mechanisms exist within the university for the review of the grade and that the university's administration can not influence or affect the outcome of the review. Students interested in filing a grade appeal should review the process then complete the grade appeal form to be submitted with supporting documentation by following the instructions on the form.  

Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals are defined by Faculty Senate Policy as a formal complaint and procedure designed for students to seek review of academic decisions alleged to be arbitrary and capricious. These academic decisions may involve non-admission to or dismissal from any UAF program that was made. by a department or program through the department chair, or involve pass/fail decisions by a committee of faculty on non-course examinations (such as qualifying, comprehensive or thesis examinations) or satisfactory/unsatisfactory evaluations on student reviews (such as the annual review of graduate student performance). 




Steps - Grade Appeal

  1. Review the appeal process
  2. New Grade Appeal Form

Steps - Academic Appeal

  1. You will need to contact the Provost office (information below) to set up a meeting to discuss your academic concerns.
  2. The formal academic appeal is initiated by you through a signed written request that you will need to submit to the Provost’s office.
  3. For more information on the detailed process of the academic appeal, feel free to visit
  4. Provost's Office Contact: Jennifer Hoppough (907) 474-7096 
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