Reporting Process

Academic Misconduct Procedure:

When a staff member or instructor believes an academic integrity violation has occurred and notifies the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities using the online reporting form. The Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities contacts the reporter for more information.  Then, the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities contacts the instructor who has several choices.  These options have been agreed upon by UAF Faculty Senate.  Please note this process has changed and is effective starting Fall 2017. 


If an instructor has reason to believe that a student has engaged in academic misconduct, the following procedures apply: 

1.) Informal Resolution: The instructor shall personally and privately advise the student there is a reason to believe that the student has committed an act that constitutes academic misconduct.  The student shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity to respond or explain.  This communication may be conducted face to face or by phone, email, or other electronic means. This informal resolution might include sanctions agreed upon by the instructor and the student. Among the sanctions listed below, these may include options a, b or both.  Options C, D and E require the formal process listed below. In this case, it is recommended that the instructor provide the student with written confirmation of the agreed-upon resolution. 

2.) Formal Resolution: If the instructor has evidence that the student engaged in academic misconduct and there is no resolution through the informal process and/or the student does not fulfill the agreement made in the informal process, the instructor shall inform the student in writing of the instructor's determination and of any intended sanctions. 

In such cases, the instructor shall be limited to imposing one or more of the five sanctions listed below. The instructor shall prepare the Academic Misconduct Notification form and submit a copy to the student, department chair, dean for the College in which the course is offered, and the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities. 

Academic Sanctions: These sanctions may be imposed for academic misconduct. They are listed in no specific order, and multiple sanctions may be imposed for a single offense: 

  1. Instruct the student to redo the assignment or examination or to complete an alternative or supplemental assignment; 
  2. Assign a lower or failing grade on the particular assignment or examination;
  3. Assign a lower or failing grade in the course;
  4. Remove the student from the course;
  5. Report the incident to Student Conduct for review of policy violation 

Disciplinary Sanctions:  In cases of egregious or multiple violations, the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities shall apply the further disciplinary sanctions of reporting the student for violation of the Student Code of Conduct, removing the student from a major program or college, withdrawing from the student a degree or academic credit previously bestowed and/or imposing sanctions for violation of Student Code of Conduct, which include disciplinary probation and suspension or expulsion from the University.



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