Course Finder definitions

The Course Finder is for planning purposes only. Use this tool to see what courses are available and to mock up a schedule for your semester. Data refreshed every evening.

Find out how to register for these courses.

Course numbering system

001 – 049: Community interest; pre-college level or developmental (non-credit) courses.
001C – 049C: Continuing Education Units
050 – 099: Developmental courses; earned credits don't apply toward Associate, Baccalaureate or Graduate degrees.
100 – 299: Lower division courses (first year and sophomore level).
300 – 499: Upper division courses (junior and senior level).
500 – 599: Post-baccalaureate professional courses; does not apply to any degree or certificate program.
600 – 699: Graduate courses.

Section numbers

First character (indicates campus):
F: Main Campus courses
T: Community and Technical College courses
U: eCampus and College of Rural and Community Development audio courses

Second character (indicates location or delivery method):
C: Clear Air Force Base
D: Delta Junction
E: Evening
F: Fort Wainwright
G: Fort Greely
H: Honors*
L: Eielson Air Force Base
N: Leadership
P: North Pole or Palmer
Q: WINTERmester
R: Fast Track
W: Weekend
X: Internet course

Third character:
Sequential number or letter

*Enrollment in Honors courses is by invitation only. For information, contact the Honors College, 907-474-6612.

Credit hours

The number of credits for which a course is offered. If the credits are to be arranged (TBA), the minimum and maximum number of credits will be indicated (e.g., 1.0 to 5.0 indicates that you may register for as few as one credit and as many as five credits). Credits indicated as (2.0 or 4.0) means that the credit for the course is either two credits or four credits.

Course Reference Number (CRN)

A five-digit number used as a unique identifier for each class.



Days of the week a course will meet. R indicates Thursday, Sa is Saturday, Su is Sunday.


Beginning and ending times of the course on the day or days indicated. If TBA is indicated, the meeting time for the course is to be arranged. Check with the course instructor for further information.

Building and Room

The place where the course will be held. If no building and room number is indicated, contact the instructor of the course for further information.


Some courses may list TBA which indicates that the instructor was not identified before publication.

Building Codes and Locations

(off-campus sites indicated in italic)

604B 604 Barnette St. -- Community and Technical College
Arctic Health Research Building
AKA Akasofu Building
ANCH Anchorage course, location TBA
ART Art Wing, Fine Arts Complex
AUTO Automotive Technology Shop, 3202 Industrial Ave
BUNN Bunnell Building
BUTRO Butrovich Building
BRKS Brooks Building
CHAP Chapman Building
DELTA Delta High School, Delta Junction
DCAC Delta Career Advancement Center, 1696 Clearwater, Delta
DIST Distance delivered
DTF Dance Theatre Fairbanks, 656 7th Avenue
DUCK Duckering Building
EIEL Eielson Building
EIFB Eielson Air Force Base
ELVE Elvey Building (Geophysical Institute)
FMH Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, 1650 Cowles St.
FPTC Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center, 3600 Cartwright Rd.
FTC Fire Service Training Center, 30th and Lathrop
FTGR Fort Greely
FTWW Fort Wainwright
GRUE Gruening Building
HONOR Honors House, 520 Copper Lane
HTCH Hutchison Center, 3750 Geist Road
IRVI Irving Building
IRVII Irving II Building
JP JONESJ.P. Jones Center, 2400 Rickert Street
LENA Lena Point, Juneau
LTHBLD Lathrop Building, 516 2nd Avenue, #219
MOOR Moore Hall
MURIE Murie Building
MUSEUM UA Museum of the North
MUSI Music Wing, Fine Arts Complex
NPFD North Pole Fire Department, 125 Snowman Lane
NPHS North Pole High School, 601 NPHS Blvd.
ONEI O'Neill Building
PATT Patty Center
PLMR Palmer course, location TBA
RASM Rasmuson Library
REIC Reichardt Building
SCHBLE AUD Schaible Auditorium
SRC Student Recreation Center
STU Stuart Apartments
THEA Theater Wing, Fine Arts Complex
TILLY Lola Tilly Commons
TBA To Be Announced
UPARK University Park Building, 1000 University Ave.
WOOD Wood Center
WRRB West Ridge Research Building