Honorary degree recipients and speakers

Commencement student speaker

  • Aaron T. Cottle, Class of 2018

Honorary degree recipients

  • Jacob Anaġi Adams Sr., honorary doctor of laws
  • Antonia Loretta Afraid of Bear-Cook, honorary doctor of humanities
  • James Milton Varsos, honorary doctor of fine arts

Meritorious Service Award winner

  • Althea St. Martin

Read more about the honorary degree recipients and meritorious service award winners in UAF's newsroom.


Award recipients

Joel Wiegert Award

  • Luke Rogers, Class of 2018

Marion Frances Boswell Memorial Award

  • Bobbie McNeley, Class of 2018

Gray S. Tilly Memorial Award

  • Erica Nardella, Class of 2018

Read more about the award recipients in UAF's newsroom.

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