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Philanthropy may be something you’re familiar with, or maybe not. You can give your hard-earned money away to all kinds of worthy causes, but let me tell you why I chose to give to CLA. CLA changed my life. I was waiting tables before I followed my high school sweetheart to college at UAF, and, after just a semester in Dr. Judy Kleinfeld and Dr. Terrence Cole’s classes, I was hooked. I graduated with my bachelor’s in social work just a few years later, and now I’m the first woman in my family to graduate from college. 

CLA welcomed me, supported me and taught me more than I ever realized I could know. The faculty in CLA encouraged me to be myself but showed me how to be a more articulate and intelligent version thereof. I cherish the laughs, debates and memories of my time as a student.  I bet you do too. 

I received two scholarships while I was a student, and my humble gifts to those exact scholarship funds have provided that same opportunity to the generation of CLA students that came after me. It’s a tremendously gratifying experience. It really is.

Giving is personal to me. I encourage you to make philanthropy a part of your life and find a cause that is personal to you too. Here in CLA we have over 120 donor established funds to choose from — anyone can give to any cause, in any amount, at any time.

If you have questions about giving to CLA, you can call or email anytime. The CLA phone number is 907-474-7231 and the email is 


Naomi Horne, ’06 & ‘12


Gift Purpose Possibilities

There are two decisions a donor should consider before they make a gift: What is the purpose of this gift? What form will the gift take? It’s a good idea to ponder the possibilities before you make a decision. Each gift is different, and UAF's Office of Development and Alumni Relations staff is able to customize a gift plan based on your answers to those questions.

Unrestricted Gift

An unrestricted gift to CLA is just that: within the mission of CLA its use is unrestricted. This means that the CLA dean will decide how your gift should best be used to support the college. These types of gifts are used to meet the most immediate needs of the college. Often times the most immediate needs are simple things like purchasing art supplies or photograph equipment for students. These funds are also used for last minute opportunities to send graduate students on research trips, to provide scholarship support to exceptional students and more. To make this kind of gift you need only write the words "CLA unrestricted" on the memo line of your check or on the online form  used for making your gift.

Restricted Gift

You may restrict your gift in several different ways. For example, you may restrict your gift to a specific yet broad use (e.g. "to provide student scholarships" or "to support faculty research.") or to a specific fund (e.g. the Joseph Thompson Memorial Scholarship).

To place such a restriction on your gift you need only indicate the restriction on the memo line of your gift check or on the on-line form used for making your gift. When your gift is received it will be placed into a fund that matches the purpose restriction you have indicated.

If you would like to make a gift to an existing fund you need only indicate the name of the fund on your gift. Your gift will be added to such a fund and used for the purposes for which that fund was established. Here is the current list of CLA’s existing funds (PDF)

You can also create a new fund. This decision brings about another set of questions to consider. Our office would be pleased to discuss these over the phone or in person. New funds can be created with all kinds of purposes, in many different forms (e.g. endowments) and with many gift amounts. Some funds require only $500 to get started while others begin at $25,000.

Gift Form Possibilities

The College of Liberal Arts is one of the many beneficiaries of the UA Foundation. We partner with the foundation to accept many different kinds of gifts, ranging from simple cash or credit card transactions to real estate and life insurance gifts. Below are the most common types of gifts.

  • Cash Gifts
  • Life Insurance
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Pledges
  • Personal Property
  • Real Property
  • Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Bequests

For information on these or any other gift form, please contact the UAF Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

CLA's Gifts at Work

Total Giving: $328,764.54

  Alumni Quotes

"The UAF Music program consists of faculty who provide unwavering and invaluable support in one of the most naturally beautiful college campuses in the United States.  This is the perfect environment for strong individuals to explore and develop their musical ability and imagination." Sean Dowgray, Master of Music, Percussion, 2015
"My liberal arts degree taught me a broad range of skills that prepared me to tackle the unknown challenges that lay ahead, not just the challenges I already knew were coming. This isn't just job preparation — it is life preparation." - Naomi Horne, Social Work, 2006 & 2013  
"I didn't know what I was getting into.  It all started with a fun elective in eighth grade.  But by the time college graduation drew near, I'd done exchanges to Belgium, France, and French Canada, and a bachelor's in French language and literature. Two of the most influential teachers in my life had been my French teachers, and I was on the path to an international career." Sara Harriger, French Languages and Literatures, 2002
"When its -50 and you're trudging in the dark though the snow to JB 101, the warm spotlight of the Academy Awards or the Emmys may seem a million miles away, but I have been fortunate to connect those paths, and know that journalism and broadcasting at the University of Alaska Fairbanks prepare you to make that opportunity a reality." Ben Grossmann, Journalism, 1995. 


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