Welcome, alumni, donors and friends!

Philanthropy may be something you’re familiar with, or maybe not. You can give your hard-earned money away to all kinds of worthy causes but let me tell you why I chose to give to CLA.  CLA changed my life. I was waiting tables before I followed my high school sweetheart to college at UAF and after just a semester in Dr. Judy Kleinfeld and Dr. Terrence Cole’s classes I was hooked. I graduated with my bachelors in social work just a few years later and now I’m the first women in my family to graduate from college. CLA welcomed me, supported me and taught me more than I ever realized I could know. The faculty in CLA encouraged me to be myself but showed me how to be a more articulate and intelligent version thereof. I cherish the laughs, debates and memories of my time as a student.  I bet you do too.

I received two scholarships while I was a student and my humble gifts to those exact scholarship funds have provided that same opportunity to the generation of CLA students that came after me. It’s a tremendously gratifying experience. It really is.

Giving is personal to me. I encourage you to make philanthropy a part of your life and find a cause that is personal to you too. Here in CLA we have over 120 donor established funds to chose from- anyone can give to any cause, in any amount, at any time.

If you have questions about giving to CLA you can call or email me anytime. My phone number is 907 474-6464 and my email is nehorne@alaska.edu.


Naomi Horne, ’06 & ‘12
CLA Advancement Officer

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