College of Liberal Arts

CLA Scholarships

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office has funds to support undergraduate research projects to be conducted during the spring 2015 semester. Research projects in any Liberal Arts discipline will be considered. While the topic and results may contribute to a faculty member’s research program, the effort must be the student’s own work with mentoring by a faculty member who will supervise all stages of the project (concept, proposal, execution, final report). The deadline to apply is 5pm on Monday, December 2, 2014. 

Scholarships Available

Alaska Chamber Chorale Support Fund

Alaska Native Languages Department

Alaska Peace Officers Association Memorial Award

American Legion Post#11-Heather Dowdy Memorial

Anchorage Daily News Scholarship Fairbanks

Art Department Support Fund

Arthur and Frances Buswell Scholarship

Banarsi Lal Social Work Scholarship

Barry McWayne Fine Art Photography Scholarship

Bebe Helen Kneece Woodward Scholarship

Betty Jo Staser Memorial for Women's Studies

Bill Stroecker Jazz Endowment

Bill Walley Memorial Scholarship

Bob and Sharon Swope Scholarship

Bon V. Davis Award

Boys' Project Fund

C. W. Snedden Chair

Carl Tillitt Memorial Scholarship

Caroline Musgrove Coons Writing Scholarship – UAF

Carolyn W. Collins Scholarship in Alaska Native Languages

Charles W. Davis Summer Fine Arts Camp Memorial Scholarship

Claus Naske History Scholarship

Cliff Brenen Journalism Scholarship

Colin Gilmore Memorial

Connie B. Kalita Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Creative Writing Program

Dr. Gerald S. Berman Founders Scholarship

E.L. Bartlett Literary Criticism Prize

Edward K. and Alene R. Christiansen Music Scholarship

Emery Chapple Memorial Scholarship

English Dept - UAF

Fairbanks Art Guild Scholarship

Fathauer Chair in History

Fejes Music Scholarship

Festival of Native Arts

Festival Of Native Arts - General

Food Factory Fine Arts Scholarship

Forbes L. Baker

Foreign Language Department - UAF

French Program Support - UAF

Genezaret Barron Photojournalism Memorial

George and Mine Mikami Scholarship

George W. McDaniel - Writer's Workshop Spending

George W. McDaniel Writer's Workshop

George Walton Memorial Scholarship

Gerald S. Berman Excellence in Sociology Award

Glenmede Music Scholarship

Glenmede Music Scholarship Spending

Golden North Rebekah Lodge (Est. 1913) Scholarship

Harvey Shields Memorial

Helen B. Harrel Memorial Scholarship

Helen Van Campen Journalism Scholarship

Helmut Van Flein Memorial Scholarship

Henry B. Collins Fellowship in Circumpolar Anthropology

History Department Support

J Squared Brass Chamber Music Scholarship

James C. & M. Chris Hayes Scholarship

James R. Crook Memorial

Jane Griese Memorial

Jazz Festival - UAF

Jimmy Bedford Memorial

Joanne Wold Journalism Scholarship

Journalism Internship and Outreach Enrollment Support

Journalism Special Guest and Faculty Development

Journalism/Broadcasting Department Support Fund

Kleinfeld Northern Studies Student Research

Leona Lowrey Memorial Scholarship

Lesley Salisbury Music Scholarship

Liz Berry Memorial Scholarship

Lyndsay Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Marian Thompson Memorial

Metalsmithing Support Fund

Minnie Wells

Music Department Support

Music Scholarships - click here for more information

NAMI Rural Campus Scholarship

NAMI of Fairbanks Scholarships

NASW Scholarship - UAF

Native Arts & Crafts UAF General Support

Northern Studies Jim Cook Memorial

Operation Re-Cover

Organ Chimes - UAF

Patrick & Thomas Maher Musical Assistance

Paul S. McCarthy Internship

Pearl Berry Boyd Music Scholarship

Pep Band Support

Philosophy Department Research Library

Philosophy Dept. Sculpture Studies

Public History Support Fund

Rachael Patterson Memorial

Richard Grey Smith

Roland E. Skip Chevalier Memorial

Rudy Krejci Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship for International Education

Steve Miller Creative Writing

String Players Scholarship

Student Ceramic Arts Guild Scholarship

Summer Fine Arts Music Camp - UAF

Theatre UAF Support

Theresa Jimenez Memorial Scholarship

Tom and Nancy Hallinan Music Scholarship

Tom Rohr Memorial Scholarship

Troy Duncan Memorial Justice Scholarship

University Chorus Support

Veniaminov Publicity Sales

Visiting Writers Support

Walter J Benesch Philosophy Scholarship

Walter J. Benesch Philosophy Scholarship

William Hunt History Scholarship

William O. Wood Memorial

William P. Cole Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship

William R and Dorothy Jane Wood Talent Grant

Women's Studies Center - UAF

Zella Wyatt Gaffi Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application Directions

If you wish to be considered for need-based scholarships, you should complete the FAFSA available at between January 1 and February 15.

How to apply for UAF’s privately-funded scholarships:

1. Log in to UAOnline ( with your student ID number and PIN.

2. Choose the “Student Services & Account Information” or "Financial Aid"menu and then choose the “Scholarships” link. Once on the scholarship page, there are five numbered steps, these steps are referenced below.

3. Enter your demographic information in Step 1. If you have applied for scholarships in previous years, you will still need to update and resubmit.

4. Enter your and personal profile in Step 2. (We recommend that you copy/paste it from a word processing document.)

5. Fill out the FAFSA in Step 3, available at, to be eligible for need based scholarships.

6. To apply for UAF scholarships that require additional essays or materials, click the UAF link in Step 4.

7. If you have any other materials to submit, send or bring them to the UAF Financial Aid Office.

8. To apply for Statewide scholarships that require additional essays or materials, click the UA link in Step 5.

That’s it! If you are selected as a scholarship winner, you will be sent an award letter to your official UAF email address. Most scholarship winners will be notified in March/April.

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