Degree Opportunities in the Social Sciences

CLA Banner with social science
What is a degree in the social sciences?

UAF's College of Liberal Arts (CLA) offers 6 bachelors and 2 graduate degree options in the social sciences. Students studying the social sciences cross disciplines such as psychology, social work, justice, history, political sciences, arctic and cultural studies. 

Social sciences students acquire a highly adaptable professional skill set, centered on complex information analysis and communication. Our students gain skills and understanding through experiential learning opportunities. Programs in social sciences thrive in laboratories, real-world internships, and service-learning activities. Degrees in the social sciences are built on strong research skills. The social sciences give graduates the tools to thrive in a complex, multicultural world. 


At UAF students have the opportunity to study with expert faculty who take a genuine interest in their success. Students collaborate with professors who are invested in their long-term goals. CLA promotes student leadership and engagement. We encourage innovative spirits and help students grow with advising and mentorship support. Our faculty challenge students in and out of the classroom to create and apply knowledge in their communities. They cultivate a culture of social responsibility, creative outlooks, and inclusive leadership. We understand a 21st century liberal arts education needs to be comprehensive, which is why we integrate and emphasize practical, career-focused skills throughout the curriculum. As a result, our graduates attract top employers and become intellectually-engaged citizens who are ready to create positive change.