Why choose CLA?



CLA students

The College of Liberal Arts is home to a tremendous breadth and depth of scholarships, research and leadership potential.

Our departments and degrees across the arts, humanities and social sciences are an exciting and rigorous choice for so many students. We have programs for those just starting to figure it out, and those already working in their fields. Chances are high that you’ll find a program that meets your needs, because you can craft your own college experience by design a degree to support your goals. We call that an interdisciplinary degree and CLA will help you navigate the university system to get one of those too.

What does it mean to study the arts, humanities, and social sciences at a public research university like UAF? Rich interdisciplinary work. A tradition of rigorous debate. Unparalleled language programs. A focus on the  unique role of the arctic — past, present and future — in our society. Opportunities to study under leading scholars and contribute to a global body of knowledge.