The College of Liberal Arts is the academic home to UAF’s arts, humanities, social sciences, and languages. We are a diverse bunch of thinkers, but the theme that ties us together is you! Individuals. People. Groups. Societies. We study and teach the human dimensionalities so that we can better understand, interpret, and predict human-centered outcomes. Human experiences are uniquely…well, human! That’s why you’ll find classes about brain functions in the Psychology department, how to write poetry in English, and how to wield a paintbrush in your Art classes, all in the same college. These topics are all connected because they all revolve around our desire to better know ourselves and the people around us.

At the College of Liberal Arts we take great joy in our work. Our college is organized by academic departments. Each of these departments has its own faculty members and staff who can help you find discipline-specific information. Many faculty teach in multiple disciplines and are often engaged in scholarly activity outside their home department. We are a highly-qualified bunch of rule-breakers who aren’t afraid to work outside of “the box”.

Each academic department has a designated leader, sometimes called a Department Chair or Director. These department leaders are often elected by their colleagues and work with the College of Liberal Arts Dean in a shared governance model. CLA is the largest academic unit within the University of Alaska Fairbanks. For more information about the College of Liberal Arts please visit the About Us page.

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