Degree Opportunities in Culture and Languages



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Explore the world and your place in it through the study of culture and language. Our students prepare for lives as global citizens, learning to communicate across languages and cultures. A rich curriculum is integrated with extensive cultural immersion: trips, speakers, festivals, performances, and study abroad. Guiding our students are faculty members from over a dozen countries speaking as many languages. Together we create a dynamic community reflective of the world we live in: complex, multicultural, and interconnected.

A degree exploring culture and languages provides students with the tools to understand different societies and people on their own terms. Offering instruction in Alaska Native language, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, the department gives students skills and confidence to succeed in a global context.  Students develop fluency with our wide range of courses including: grammar, phonetics, translation, service-learning, literature, cultural studies, conversation, language teaching methodology, and second language acquisition.