Academics. Learning. Discovery.

Do those words make you feel a bit like chanting lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)? Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. This section will help you discover more about the departments and degrees that make UAF’s College of Liberal Arts an exciting and rigorous choice for so many students. We have degrees for working professionals (night classes, anyone?), early morning rising students, night owls, online-only students and everything in between. Chances are high that you’ll find a program that meets your needs and if you don’t? Heck, you can always craft your own college experience by pursuing a degree you get to design yourself. We call that an interdisciplinary degree and CLA will help you navigate the university system to get one of those too.

Explore our site, maybe attend an upcoming CLA event and rub elbows with the faculty, staff and students that make CLA the community it is. We know you need to kick the tires a bit and explore all the degree options before you make a choice so don’t be afraid to bookmark this page on your browser and visit it again and again. We will be here waiting for you.

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