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Accuplacer Instructions

As a Test Procter for Accuplacer , you serve an important role for UAF Chukchi and the success of the student. This test is used to place students into appropriate English, Reading, and Math classes for their current developmental level. This test is free, but there are some essential rules:

  1. The test is untimed, but a student must complete an entire section before he/she can save progress. DO NOT let a student leave the test until he/she has finished an entire section (Reading, Writing, or Math).
  2. The test is free for any student attending UAF. However, we charge $10 if the are attending any school outside the UAF system (UAA and UAS is charged $10, for example). Please send money to Chukchi Campus, C/O Testing Services, PO Box 297, Kotzebue, AK 99752.
  3. A student may only take the Accuplacer once every 6 months.

Before the test, please be sure to stress to the student that this test is very important and to do their best. This test is BINDING. This means that they MUST take the class this test approves them for. If they do not do their best effort, they will likely have to take remedial classes before they can take classes they need to graduate. Also, tell them that the writing test is scored on LENGTH AND QUALITY. The student should write as mush as he/she can. Failure to write an essay of significant length (a full page or more) will result in a very poor score.


  1. Go to https://www. accuplacer .org/cat/
  2. Log-In (your user name and password will follow in a separate email)
  3. Turn OFF your Pop-up blocker
    1. Internet Explorer:
      1. Go to "Tools" on the top bar.
      2. Select "Internet Options"
      3. Select the "Privacy" Tab
      4. UNCHECK "Turn on Pop-up Blocker"
      5. Click "OK"
    2. Firefox:
      1. Go to "Tools" on the top bar
      2. Select "Options"
      3. Select the "Content" Tab
      4. UNCHECK "Block Pop-up windows"
  4. Select "Administer Test" Tab
    1. If NEW test session:
      1. Have the student complete an Accuplacer Cover Sheet (PDF)
        1b. Click "Administer New Test Session"
      2. Select CC Eng/Math from dropdown menu
      3. Select "Administer Test" button
      4. Follow instructions and allow student to complete test survey and questions
    2. If reopening and OLD test (where the student left and wants to resume):
      1. Click "Manage Open Test Sessions"
      2. Find student by ID or last name
      3. Click "Resume" and follow instructions (if student can not be found, start a new test session)
  5. After test is complete, print out 2 copies of the test scores. Give one to the student and fax the other, with the Accuplacer Cover Sheet (PDF) (See step 4a1) to Mary at 907-442-2322

If you ever need help with your login, password or technical assistance, please call or email me.

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Be sure to use the Accuplacer Cover Sheet (PDF) when reporting scores (Required).

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Accuplacer Cover Sheet for Score Reporting