Step 5: Register for Classes

Register by either:

  1. Registering using UAOnline
    1. Login to Secured Area using your UAID Number
      1. Retrieve UAID Number Using UA ELMO
  2. Select the "Student Services & Account Information" Tab
  3. Select "Registration"
  4. Select "Register/Add/Drop Classes"
  5. If you are unable to complete these steps, call Mary Booth-Barger at 907-442-3400 x209 or 800-478-3402 for help or complete a paper form as directed below.


  1. Submiting a paper Registration Form
    1. Download and print the UAF CRCD Registration Form.
    2. Complete the form ENTIRELY.
    3. Locate classes using University of Alaska Distance Education Quick Search
      1. For "Campus": Select "Center for Distance Education"
      2. For "Delivery":
        1. If you live in Kotzebue, select all methods of delivery.
        2. If you have high-speed internet service, select "Web Based Course, Audio Conference, Correspondence, and Correspondence Web Based".
        3. If you do not have high-speed internet, select "Correspondence and Audio Conference".
      3. For Subject, select the class subject are you desire.
      4. For "When", select the semester and year that you plan to attend class
    4. Write classes in "Course Information" section
    5. Ensure that you have checked "Chukchi Campus" as your regional campus and provided your Student ID number.
    6. Call 800-478-3402 x115 and schedule an advising appointment with the Village Access Coordinator (in person or by phone)
    7. Sign your Registration Form.
    8. Ensure that your adviser has signed your Registration Form..