High School Students

High School/College Dual Enrollment  

Are you a high school student who wants to take classes at Chukchi?

  • Become a student by creating an account with Admission's student portal
  • Once accepted as a student, register for classes at UAOnline
    • Registering for classes requires academic advising approval

Need to withdraw or change a class to an audit?


Tech Prep links a high school and college program in a career field so students won't have to duplicate those studies later on. In a Tech Prep program, you begin your course of study in high school and continue in a postsecondary educational or apprenticeship program. Tech Prep emphasizes achievement of high academic and technical standards to prepare for postsecondary success and career readiness. The end result is a certificate or associate degree in a career field or a federally recognized apprenticeship. Read more about UAF Tech Prep

We currently partner with the Northwest Arctic Borough School District for Tech Prep programs.