Thomas K. Green

Research Description

My research focuses on development of bioanalytical methods and organic synthesis.   We are developing robust capillary electrophoresis (CE) methods for the analysis for neurotransmitters/neuromodulators.   Recently, we received a grant from the National Institute of Health to develop a sensitive CE fluorescence detection method for adenosine in biological samples.    Our group is also involved in highly stereoselective synthesis of analogues of D-erythro-sphingosine and related ceramides, important lipid signaling molecules in a wide range of biological pathways. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact me directly if you have an interest in this type of research.   

Selected Publications

1.       Kirschner, D. L.; Jaramillo, M.; Green, T. K. "Enantioseparation and Stacking of Cyanobenz[f]isoindole-Amino Acids by Reverse Polarity Capillary Electrophoresis and Sulfated beta-Cyclodextrin." Analytical Chemistry 2007, 79(2), 736-743. 

2.       Kirschner, D. L.; Green, T. K. "Separation and sensitive detection of D-amino acids in biological matrices" Journal of Separation Science 2009, 32, 2305-2318.

3.       Green, T. K.; Denoroy, L.; Parrot, S. “Fluoroescence Enhancement of a Meisenheimer Complex of Adenosine by γ-Cyclodextrin: A Thermodynamic and Kinetic Investigation” Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010, 75, 4048-4055.

  • B.S. 1977, Kearney State College
  • Ph.D. 1984, University of Tennessee

phone: 907.474.1559
fax: 907.474.5640
Thomas K. Green
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6160

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