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Carl Murphy running the NMR spectrometer
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Research Collaborations

As director of the NMR Facility I have the opportunity to collaborate with several research projects across the campus. Currently these   projects include the study   of biological samples (blood plasma, tissues, etc.) for a metabolomics analysis of the changes during hibernation, the phosphorus content of soil extracts, and micelle formation in cyclodextrin derivatives with diffusion experiments.

Selected Publications

1.      Y. Sun, C.J. Murphy, K.R. Reyes-Gil, E.A. Reyes-Garcia, J.M. Thornton, N.A. Morris, and D. Raftery, Photoelectrochemical and structural characterization of carbon-doped WO3 films prepared via spray pyrolysis. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 34 (2009) 8476-8484.

2.      Y. Sun, C.J. Murphy, K.R. Reyes-Gil, E.A. Reyes-Garcia, J.P. Lilly, and D. Raftery, Carbon-doped In2O3 films for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 33 (2008) 5967-5974.

3.      N.J. Zyromski, A. Mathur, G.A.N. Gowda, C. Murphy, D.A. Swartz-Basile, T.E. Wade, H.A. Pitt, and D. Raftery, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy-based metabolomics of the fatty pancreas: implicating fat in pancreatic pathology. Pancreatology 9 (2009) 410-419.

  • B.S. 2003, Bradley University
  • Ph.D. 2010 Purdue University

phone: 907.474.5545
fax: 907.474.5640
Carl J. Murphy
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
900 Yukon Dr.
Room 136
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6160



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