Courses from 2014-2015 academic year

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Fall 2015


Course No.     Course Name                                                  Instructor                                    
CHEM F100Chemistry in Complex SystemsDuffy 
CHEM F100XBasic General Chemistry -- on-lineWhittle 
CHEM F103XBasic General ChemistryOliver 
CHEM F105X, F01General Chemistry IHowardContact Instructor
CHEM F105X, FE1 Hayes 
CHEM F106XGeneral Chemistry IIOliver 
CHEM F194International Environmental Chemistry of ArcticHayes 
CHEM F212Chemical Equilibrium and AnalysisRasleyContact Instructor
CHEM F321Organic Chemistry IGuerard 
CHEM F321, LABS Green 
CHEM F331Physical Chemistry ICahill 
CHEM F402Inorganic ChemistryHowardContact Instructor
CHEM F434Chemistry Capstone LaboratoryGreen 
CHEM F450General Biochemistry -- MacromoleculesEdmonds 
CHEM F474NeurochemistryDrew 
CHEM F481SeminarTrainor 
CHEM F482SeminarTrainor 
CHEM F488Undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry ResearchTrainor 
CHEM F493Food and ToxicologyDuffy 
CHEM F601Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences
on-line syllabus
CHEM F605Aquatic ChemistryAggarwal 
CHEM F632Molecular SpectroscopySimpson 
CHEM F676NeuochemistryDrew 
CHEM F688Biochemical and Molecular Biology and SeminarKuhn 
CHEM F691Research Presentation TechniquesSimpson 
CHEM F692SeminarTrainor 
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