Chemistry Learning Center

Mission and Description

The Chemistry Learning Center provides resources through a variety of instructional methods for students to excel in learning of chemistry and application of chemistry to natural sciences and engineering.   


The Chemistry Learning Center is a resource for you to excel in general chemistry.  Please check the CLC calendar to the right OR on your course's blackboard page OR on the bulletin board outside Reichardt 194 for specific times and locations.

The CLC utilizes various classrooms for both scheduled supplemental instruction (SI) sessions (see below) and drop-in one-on-one coaching. TAs also offer assistance during their office hours and can be contacted by email.
Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support model developed at the University of Missouri-Kansas City that uses peer-assisted study sessions to improve student retention and success within historically difficult courses. (adapted from Wikipedia).  Each section of Chemistry F105x has a SI leader, who schedules two to three 60 to 90-minute long sessions per week.  The SI leader structures the sessions to focus on the most key aspect of class and provides guidance for students to review materials, work on problems, and prepare for laboratory or examination.
Drop-in coaching
At times when the CLC is not being used for SI sessions, there will be TAs or other SI leaders available for one-on-one coaching.  If you have very specific questions, this might be an efficient manner to get answers.  In that sense, we use the term "coaching" because the TAs and SI leaders give you information that you can then use in class, lab, or exams.  You are the individual "performer" who will then use this information.  A key aspect to that model is that just like an athlete, you need to practice these learned skills to solidify them and let you use them in the course and your scientific life beyond class.
Online Homework
We use online homework systems to give you practice with chemical problems.  A huge strength of these systems is that they can give you immediate response in the case of success or error.  Sometimes a simple typographical error can cause the system to grade the answer wrong when you actually know the underlying concepts.  Please don't get frustrated with this result, but use the feedback to reinforce your knowledge and move forward.  You will be given multiple attempts at problems to allow for this type of situation.  However, you will be given a limited number of attempts, so do your best each time.  Also, note that while the homework system is online, you should be working the problem with a pencil and paper and calculator (just as one would do in the lab or during a test). The CLC and drop-in coaching can also help you with navigating the online homework system if you are having problems.  

CLC calendar

The calendar below shows upcoming events in the Chemistry Learning Center.  Supplemental instruction (SI) sessions and TA office hours are listed in this calendar format.  Be sure that you click on the event to see the location as the location of events varies.


  • Jacy Pietsch, CLC coordinator and Laboratory Manager
    Reichardt Building 244A, Phone: 907.474.6287

Become a SI Leader

For Fall 2014, we will be hiring undergraduate students as SI leaders.  This is a great opportunity to develop teaching and leadership skills in addition to solidifying your chemical knowledge.  The job will be advertised closer to that time.

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