Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar meets 4-5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 201 Reichardt, or at other venues as indicated. Some meetings are instructional only (for students in CHEM 481/482/692). Public presentations - by faculty, students, or invited speakers - are listed below and are open to the public. 

Fall 2019

Month   Speaker Topic
September 24  John Keller Computational Chemistry Topics: WebMO 19; Semiempirical Calculations; Predicting IR, Vibrational Circular Dichroism, and UV Spectra.
October 22 Brian K. Luckenbill
Thermo Fisher Sci
Ion Chromatography
December 5 Kristin Gagne' 10:00 AM Room 401 Akasofu Bldg
PhD Defense. Influence of permafrost extent on photochemical reactivity, chemical composition, and geochemical cycling of a sub-Arctic discontinuous permafrost Alaskan watershed

Spring 2020

Date  Place/Time Speaker Topic
 Jan. 21  Reic 201, 4-5 PM Lawrence Duffy  Effects of Methymercury and Theaflavin Digallate on Adipokines in Mature 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Feb. 4 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Sarah Rice In vivo Metabolic Regulation in Hibernation and Impact on Physiology
Feb. 11 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Scott Jerome Vitamin D, Mental Cognition, and Oxidative Stress:  Clues To Overtraining Syndrome?
Mar. 3 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Helen Hanstock Keeping athletes healthy: immune responses to exercise and prevention of respiratory illness in winter endurance athletes
Mar. 5 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Patricia Haeden  
Mar. 24 Reic 201, 4-5 PM R. Paul Philip
Univ.  of Oklahoma
 American Chemical Society Lecture. Environmental Forensics, or CSI Without the Violence?