Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar meets 4-5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 201 Reichardt, or at other venues as indicated. Some meetings are instructional only (for students in CHEM 481/482/692). Public presentations - by faculty, students, or invited speakers - are listed below and are open to the public. 

Fall 2019

Month   Speaker Topic
September 24  John Keller Computational Chemistry Topics: WebMO 19; Semiempirical Calculations; Predicting IR, Vibrational Circular Dichroism, and UV Spectra.
October 22 Brian K. Luckenbill
Thermo Fisher Sci
Ion Chromatography
December 5 Kristin Gagne' 10:00 AM Room 401 Akasofu Bldg
PhD Defense. Influence of permafrost extent on photochemical reactivity, chemical composition, and geochemical cycling of a sub-Arctic discontinuous permafrost Alaskan watershed

Spring 2020

Date  Place/Time Speaker Topic
 Jan. 21  Reic 201, 4-5 PM Lawrence Duffy  Effects of Methymercury and Theaflavin Digallate on Adipokines in Mature 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Feb. 4 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Sarah Rice In vivo Metabolic Regulation in Hibernation and Impact on Physiology
Feb. 11 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Scott Jerome Vitamin D, Mental Cognition, and Oxidative Stress:  Clues To Overtraining Syndrome?
Feb. 27 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Eric Weis Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Mar. 3 Akasofu 401,
9-10 AM
Ragan M Davey Characterizing Wintertime Aerosol Composition and Sulfate Formation in Fairbanks, Alaska
Mar. 3 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Helen Hanstock Keeping athletes healthy: immune responses to exercise and prevention of respiratory illness in winter endurance athletes
Mar. 5 Elvey  214, 1-2 PM Taylor Gofstein Ph.D. defense: Fate and Effects of Oil Spill Response Products on Oil Biodegradation in Arctic Seawater
Mar. 5 Reic 201, 4-5 PM Patricia Heiden
Michigan Tech. Univ.
 Polymers and Nanotechnology for the Environment and Medicine
Mar. 6 IARC 401,
10 - 11 AM
Lisa Smith Ph.D. defense: Role of Neurotropism in HIV-1 GP120 Induced Oxidative Stress and Neurodegeneration
Mar 9-20     Spring Break
Mar. 24 Zoom Shelly Thao  Rabies Viral Glycoprotein Inhibition of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptor Subtypes
Mar. 31 Zoom Anna Kardash Antibiotic Discovery Alaska
Apr. 7   Zoom Reyvielyn Fausto BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 proteins and their role in DNA repair mechanisms related to breast cancer cells
Apr. 9 Zoom Lahra Weber The Biochemistry of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Apr. 14 Zoom Parker Merrifield VAC Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Rhabdomyosarcoma
Apr. 16 Zoom  J. D. Harwell Cocaine Metabolism in Human Fetal and Adult Liver Microsomes
Apr. 21 Zoom  Austin Pepperling Electrospinning Polymers