There are 17 computers for chemistry student resources which reside in Reichardt 170 and 172.  The operating system of each workstation has been modified with security features designed to minimize maintenance and to provide a consistent user interface.  Rooms 172 and 170 are open for use M-F 8-5 and most evenings.  The computers in 170 have a priority for 100-level students and tutoring, although they may also be used by other chemistry students.  The computers in 172 have a priority for students in 200-600 level courses who pay a $45 computer fee each semester.  Room 172 is accessible using the door combination after hours and weekends except for occasional maintenance closures, or dedicated class instructions, which will be announced ahead of time if possible. The building doors generally are closed nightly at about 11PM. If you are working past 11PM, security officers are likely to ask you for identification.

Priorities for use of these computers are: 1. Chemistry assignments, 2. Other homework, 3. Non-academic web browsing or email. No games, chat sessions, or commercial activities are allowed on these computers.  Do not change computer settings, do not delete programs, install programs, or run programs that are not already installed.

NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE LAB.  All computers have earphone plugs (either on the back of the cpu or with an extension plug near the top of the machine).  If you listen to music, do so with headphones or ear buds only. USB connectors on side of flat-panel monitor. Scanner is connected to Station47 in 172.  You may scan through Photoshop using the import function and selecting the WIA protocol (Files--Import--WIA Support--OK--Start).


Application software available on all workstations is listed below, please consult web resources for further information concerning the programs:

Microsoft Office 2010
Adobe Acrobat X
Adobe LiveCycle ES2
ACD ChemSketch
Apple Quicktime 
Vernier LabQuest 
Agilent ChemStation 


Log on using your UAF domain username and password, which should be the same as your Blackboard username.  If that does not work, call OIT Help Desk (474-6564) to get help fixing your username and/or password.  Do not share the door combination or your password with friends or relatives.  For routine questions about using this lab, ask your professor or TA.  For pointers on using HyperChem, consult the online manual or watch and listen to the video tutorials that are accessible on each workstation (Start--All Programs--HyperChem--Release 8).

Other troubles. If you have other troubles, take the following steps: (1) contact your class professor or teaching assistant, (2) put a sign on the computer with details about the condition, (3) call or send email to Mist D'June-Gussak (see below) to alert her to the problem.


Data files on workstations (for example C:\Temp) are ERASED regularly. Once you have saved copies of your work to a USB drive or other, clean up the C:\Temp folder of the workstation yourself.  The Desktop is NOT SAFE. Your desktop is stored on each computer under the Users folder (not as a "roaming profile" as in previous years). These profiles may be deleted at any time.


Each workstation can print to one of several physical printers: in 172, an HP 4300 LaserJet and Kyocera Color LaserJet; in 170 a Kyocera LaserJet.  If you are having trouble printing, check to make sure there is paper in the printer, and no error messages are displayed (Start--Devices and Printers--Printer--Printer Properties). It should not say "Paused."  If it does, click to uncheck, then try "Print Test Page."  If that still does not work, send your print job to one of the other printers.

Students with little or no experience using Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 2010 should obtain how-to books on these subjects or take appropriate UAF short courses.  If your instructor requires specific to use of the computer lab they will provide you with instruction on the use of the appropriate software.

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