The Health Center Fee of $150 is NOT INSURANCE

Health Center Fee:        *This fee is $150 per semester for Fall and Spring, the Summer semester fee is $100.

  • This fee allows you to utilize UAF’s Student Health & Counseling Center. See the Student Health & Counseling Center pamphlet for a description of our services. 
  • 6 or more credits in the classroom on the main campus per semester (Fall/Spring): MANDATORY fee and will be automatically charged to your fee statement. For Summer Sessions: if you take 6 credits or more over the course of the summer in the classroom on the main campus, the fee is mandatory.*
  • As long as a student is taking 6 credits/semester, they can opt to pay the fee (Fall/Spring): OPTIONAL (ask to have it added to your fees). For Summer Sessions, if you are taking less than 6 credits, you may use the health center for a bridge fee if you are enrolled in the upcoming fall semester for 6 or more credits and you were eligible for health center services in the preceding spring semester.
  • Students taking less than 6 credits/semester (Fall/Spring) or Summer Sessions: SERVICES ARE NOT AVAILABLE unless you qualify for the summer bridge fee.
  • For students who are assessed the fee on a mandatory basis, the fee may be waived ONLY under certain circumstances (see your class schedule under Fees for more information). 
  • Please note that this fee is NOT a user fee – it is assessed to students as explained above and is not assessed based upon usage of the Health Center.
  • The health center fee is based on a student’s cumulative credit hours over the course of the summer. If a student plans to take a total of six credits or more during the summer, he/she is encouraged to register early in order to be able to take advantage of the health center during all the summer months.


Urine: $15

Strep Screen: $15

CBC: $20

Glucose: $15

Ferritin: $20

Iron/Total: $35

Lipid Panel: $25

Mono Test: $15

TSH: $30

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy: $50

Flu: $25

Urine Pregnancy test: $15


Counseling Services and Fees

Eligible students who pay the Health Center fee each semester can access the counseling services available at the Student Health and Counseling Center.  Students receive 5 counseling sessions per semester at no charge, after these sessions are exhausted, students needing any further appointments will be charged $25 per visit. 

We have a "no show" policy in place.  If students fail to come to an appointment or fails to cancel an appointment, a $25 no show fee will be put on your student account and will be sent to the Bursar's Office. 


A "No Show Fee" has been implemented for several types of appointments including but not limited to:  Annual Exams, Firefighter Exam, Dive Physicals, Same Day appointments made and not kept and Medical Evaluations. If a student has scheduled any of these types of appointments and fails to call us 474-7043 to cancel prior to their appt. time, a $15 charge will be assessed to their student account.


General Physicals with paperwork: $30 plus any lab fees

Annual Exam: $50 - $75

Common Medication charges:

Ibuprofen: $8

antidepressant medications range from $15 - $40

Birth Control Pills  $20

Antibiotics: $10 - $35

Acid Reflux: $20


Vaccines and Titers

Our Health Center provides these required immunizations:

(prices subject to change without notice)

Tdap (Tetanus,Diphtheria & Pertusis booster)  free

PPD (Tuberculosis Skin Test)  $10 

Twinrix (Hep A & B combo) $65 x3

Meningitis Vaccine:  free

MMR  $95

Other items can be checked for immunity by having a simple blood draw done, such as

Varicella (chicken pox)

Hep A series $35 x 2

Hep B series $45 x 3


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