Welcome to the UAF Student Health and Counseling Center

We at the Student Health and Counseling Center are a part of the Student Affairs Division.  Our mission is to help our UAF students stay healthy, grow and develop personally and do as well as they can in their university studies. We offer a variety of services at the Center including Medical Care, Counseling and assistance with the Graduate Student Insurance Plan. Call me at 907-474-7043 or email me at uaf-sh-cc@alaska.edu if you have questions or concerns. And please read our Mission Statement below.

BJ Aldrich, MD


Our Mission Statement

The UAF Student Health and Counseling Center promotes the well-being of our students. We assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to recover, build and maintain healthy, balanced lifestyles. Our mission also includes fostering a healthy campus environment through prevention and outreach activities.

We have a qualified, professional staff here to provide medical and counseling services to eligible UAF Students. Our medical staff includes a physician, 1 certified physician's assistant, 2 nurse practitioners and 3 medical assistants. Our 5 licensed professional counselors are available to assist students with their counseling needs.

Our Student Health and Counseling Center provides a wide variety of services to students only.  We provide general medical care with lab and formulary on site.  Counseling services range from individual counseling to crisis intervention, alcohol referrals and general adjustments to college life.

Confidentiality and personal privacy are important to everyone.  We maintain the highest level of confidentiality possible for our students following our Notice of Privacy Practices and guidelines set forth by law and in compliance with the federal government.


Location of Student Health and Counseling

1788 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99775 (907)474-7043 fax: (907) 474-5777. We are in the Whitaker building on the 2nd floor. It's the same building as the Fire and Police depts. across from the bus turn around.

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