Message from the chancellor

Budget update: August 17, 2022

UAF recently submitted our annual operating and capital budget request for FY24 to President Pitney. The President will weigh our needs alongside those of UAA, UAS, the system office, and what she feels is an appropriate request to the governor. The President will present her draft proposal to the Board of Regents in September and then again in final form in November before the budget is submitted to the Governor’s office in December for consideration. Once President Pitney releases her proposal for presentation to the BOR in a couple of weeks we will share with you what was included from UAF’s request. Continue reading Aug. 17 update...


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Please use the assets on this page to understand the state and the university budget. We welcome your engagement via the form below. Ideas can be anything from a new service on campus, process improvement, new research or innovation. All ideas are welcome. Your name and email are optional, but please include your email if you would like a response.