July 29, 2019

TO:                 UAF Vice Chancellors
FROM:         Daniel M. White, Chancellor
SUBJ:            Delegation of Authority – Leave of Absence (Nonmedical) Requests

University Regulation 04.06.147 – Leave of Absence (Nonmedical), reads in part:

“A regular employee who wishes to take an unpaid leave of absence in excess of 10 working days is required to make the request in writing to his/her immediate supervisor. The application will be forwarded through normal administrative channels, with recommendations being added at each level, to the appropriate chancellor who will then notify the applicant, in writing, of the decision. Notification must be sent to the Statewide Office of Human Resources. An employee may only rescind an approved leave of absence with written permission of the chancellor.”

I hereby delegate the authority to approve such requests to the vice chancellors at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


cc:        Keli Hite McGee, Chief Human Resources Officer