November 16, 2021

Anupma Prakash, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Alexis Knabe, Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Nettie La Belle-Hamer, Interim Vice Chancellor, Research
Julie Queen, Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Charlene Stern, Vice Chancellor, Rural, Community and Native Education
Daniel M. White, Chancellor
Delegation of Authority - Exception Placements

University Regulation 04.05.043.A.2.a states:

  1. Placement
    1. Exception Placement is salary placement of a new employee above the first step of the grade based on criteria which may include: exceptional qualifications of the selected candidate; lack of other qualified candidates; equity and alignment with placements of similar staff within the unit. Approval is required as follows:
    1. Grades 71-79 (full range) and Grades 80-84 (up to the midpoint-through Step 28): Requires prior approval by the president or appropriate chancellor based on recommendations from the MAU human resources office. The chancellor or president may, in writing, delegate this approval as appropriate.

By this memo, I hereby delegate decision-making authority for exceptional placements as stated above within the units that you supervise. This may not be re-delegated without my approval. I recommended that you seek guidance from UA Human Resources regarding exceptional placements. UA HR must be copied on exceptional placement memos to help ensure appropriate salary placement within the university and across the system.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



David Bishko, UA HR
Glenn Gambrell, UA HR
Nickole Conley, UAF Executive Officer