Ocean Acidification Research Laboratory Equipment

Marianda VINDTA

The Marianda VINDTA (Versatile INstrument for the Determination of Total inorganic carbon and titration Alkalinity) is capable of making highly precise measurements (± 1 µmol/kg) of DIC and TA.  The VINDTA 3C is paired with a UIC Coulometer.

Marianda AIRICA

The Marianda AIRICA (Automated InfRared Inorganic Carbon Analyzer ) measures the CO2 purged from an acidified sample by IR-dectection with the LI-COR 7000.


 Langdon Enterprises Amperometric Oxygen Titrator

The Langdon Enterprises Amperometric Oxygen Titrator measures dissolved oxygen in seawater.


 Autonomous Sensors

We also have an assortment of autonomous sensors for our mooring deployments: Battelle pCO2, SAMI pCO2, SAMI pH, SeaFET pH, and Seabird SeaCAT.

SAMI pCO2 Sensor 

Battelle Autonomous pCO2 System

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