Current CMI Projects

Coastal Community Vulnerability Index and Visualizations of Change in Cook Inlet, Alaska
PI: Davin Holen

High-frequency characterization of the physicochemical parameters of Cook Inlet, Alaska
PI: Amanda Kelley

Nearshore food web structure on the OCS in Cook Inlet
PI: Katrin Iken, Brenda Konar

Microbial biodegradation of Alaska North Slope crude oil in the Arctic marine environment
PI: Mary Beth Leigh

Measuring Wave Forces along Alaska’s Coastal Sea Ice
PI: Mark Johnson

Northern Alaska Sea Ice Project Jukebox
PI: Leslie McCartney

Fate and Persistence of Oil Spill Response Chemicals in Arctic Seawater
PI: Mary Beth Leigh

Identifying Sources of Organic Matter to Benthic Organisms in the Beaufort and Chukchi Outer Continental Shelves
PI: Katrin Iken, Matthew Wooller

Migration Trends for King and Common Eiders and Yellow-billed Loons Past Point Barrow in a Rapidly Changing Environment 
PI: Abby Powell, Rebecca Bentzen

Development of an autonomous carbon glider to monitor sea-air CO2 fluxes in the Chukchi Sea
PI: Claudine Hauri

Graduate Student Projects

Using trace elements in Pacific walrus teeth to track the impacts of petroleum production in the Alaskan Arctic
Casey Clark (PhD Student)

Benthic habitat mapping in eastern Cook Inlet
Amanda Blackburn (MS Student)

Functional diversity of epibenthic communities on the Chukchi and Beaufort Sea shelves            
Lauren Sutton (MS Student)

Changes in Beaufort-Chukchi Sea intense storm activity and impacts on surface climate and ocean properties
Yang Yang (PhD Student)

Using genotyping by sequencing population genetics approaches to determine the population structure of tanner crab in Alaska
Genevieve Johnson (MS Student)

Characterizing bacterial communities in Beaufort Sea sediments in a changing arctic
Alexis Walker (PhD Student)

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