Lindsey Stadler

Lindsey Stadler

M.S. Student

Marine Biology

2150 Koyukuk Drive
218 O'Neill Building
Fairbanks, AK 99775


Roger Williams University
B.S. Marine Biology



Food web ecology of nearshore fishes along a gradient of glacially influenced watersheds



  • Food web ecology
  • Stable isotopes analysis
  • Stomach content analysis


Research Overview

Nearshore marine ecosystems provide a wide range of functions for various species. Due to their close proximity to coastlines, however, nearshore systems are at high risk for disturbances on multiple spatial and temporal scales. One of such natural influences of concern is the discharge from rapidly increasing glacier melt that enters the nearshore system through estuarine environments. My research seeks to understand how increasing meltwater from glaciers will impact the nearshore system by tracing various sources of primary production to higher trophic levels. Specifically, I am focusing on the food web ecology of nearshore fishes at five estuarine sites of varying glacial influence in Kachemak Bay, Alaska. I will be using bulk stable carbon and nitrogen isotope as well as stomach content analyses of various species of nearshore fishes to gain a better understanding of energy flow and trophic linkages in the nearshore system.


Current research projects

  • EPSCoR Fire & Ice – Coastal Margins



  • 25 Ton Near Coastal Master Captains License, USCG, February 2017
  • Open Water Diving Certification, PADI, May 2012