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Lauren Wild

Ph.D. Student


Sitka, AK 99835
University of St. Andrews, Scotland.
MS, Marine Mammal Science
Brandeis University, Massachusetts.
BA, International & Global Studies
A-312 Water Ditching and Survival
I was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, where I spent my childhood in the woods and on the water. I went to college at Brandeis University, in Boston Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies, with a minor in Mathematics. While participating in a study abroad semester in southern Madagascar, I became interested in humpback whale research, which led me to an undergraduate internship with UAS Sitka professor Jan Straley, and her whale research lab in my hometown. After spending two summers learning from Jan, she offered me a position as a research technician on a sperm whale acoustics project she collaborates on. I went back to school in 2012, earning a master’s degree in Marine Mammal Science from the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. In addition to whale research, I enjoy playing violin, camping, hiking, biking, and swimming.
O’Connell, V., Straley, J.M., Liddle, J.B., Wild, L.A., Behnken, L., Falvey, D., Thode, A.M. 2015. “Testing a passive deterrent on longlines to reduce sperm whale depredation in the Gulf of Alaska.” ICES J. Mar. Sci.

Thode, A.M., Straley, J.M., O’Connell, V., Behnken, L., Falvey, D., Mathias. D.K., Wild, L.A., Calambokidis, J., Schorr, G.S., Andrews, R.D., Liddle, J.B., Lunsford, C. 2015. “Cues, creaks, and decoys: using passive acoustic monitoring as a tool for studying sperm whale depredation.” ICES J. Mar. Sci.

Wild, L.A., Gabriele, C.M. 2014. “Putative contact calls made by humpback whales (megaptera novaeangliae) in southeastern Alaska.” Can. Bioacoust. 42:23-31.

Thode, A., Wild, L.A., Mathias, D.K., Straley, J.M., and Lunsford, C. 2014. “A comparison of acoustic and visual metrics of sperm whale longline depredation.” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 135(5):3086-3100.

Thode, A., Wild, L.A., Straley, J.M. 2014. “Countermeasures to reduce whale depredation in Alaskan longline fisheries.” North Pacific Research Board semi-annual report,. project 1217:Pp. 9.

  • Sperm whale and humpback whale acoustics
  • telemetry and tagging
  • statistical modeling
Current Research Projects
  • NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy program: Reducing sperm whale-longline fisheries interactions: enabling fishermen to use avoidance through real-time updates from satellite tags and fishermen reports. 2015-2017.
Awards / Honors
  • Biomedical Learning and Student Training (BLaST) fellowship, 2015-2016
  • Acoustical Society of America
  • Society of Marine Mammalogy
Community Service
  • Musician in local contra dance band
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