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picture of Jenell Larsen

Jenell Larsen

Ph.D. Student

17101 Point Lena Loop Rd
Juneau, AK 99801
Jacksonville University
B.S. Marine Biology
Change and resiliency in the Bering Sea ecosystem: assessing changes in marine resources and effects on subsistence communities
  • mammalian reproductive anatomy
  • endocrinology
Current Research Projects
  • My dissertation research uses an interdisciplinary approach to determine changes and resiliency in the Bering Sea ecosystem. The first two chapters of my dissertation assess the reproductive capacity and plasticity of female Pacific walruses. My first chapter assesses changes in female reproductive capacity in response to changes within the environment and changes in the carrying capacity of this species over a span of ~40 years using a long-term monitoring program and museum specimens from the UA Museum of the North. My second chapter investigates the plasticity of the breeding cycle of female walruses using an endocrine approach and health and reproductive data from Alaska Native hunters. The third chapter of my dissertation was born from interacting with stakeholders on St. Lawrence Island while conducting fieldwork for my previous research. After witnessing several seasons of poor walrus harvests, I developed an interest in working more directly with stakeholders to assess changes driven by climate and conduct research that could assess community needs. In this chapter I will interview stakeholders to determine if communities in the Bering Strait region have noticed changes in abundance and distribution of marine resources and how these changes are affecting food security.
Awards / Honors
  • Cooperative Institute for Alaska Research Fellowship 20182019
  • Smithsonian Institute Internship 2017
  • Rasmuson Research Assistantship 20152017
  • North Pacific Research Board Graduate Student Research Award 2015
  • Resilience and Adaptation Program Fellow 20142015
  • UAF Resilience and Adaptation Program
  • Society for Marine Mammalogy
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