Scott Gabara

Scott Gabara


Postdoctoral Fellow

Marine Biology
Marine Ecology
Marine Invertebrates
Marine Plants
Scientific Diving

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
17101 Point Lena Loop Rd.
Juneau, Alaska 99801


San Diego State University/University of California Davis
Ph.D. Ecology

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State University
M.S. Marine Science

University of California Santa Cruz
B.S. Marine Biology


Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications

Gabara, S.S., B.H. Konar, and M.S. Edwards. 2021. Biodiversity loss leads to reductions in community‐wide trophic complexity. Ecosphere 12(2): e03361.

Dolinar, D., D.L. Steller, S.S. Gabara, B. Beckley, J-H Kim, and M.S. Edwards. 2020. Impacts of boat mooring disturbance on productivity and respiration in rhodolith beds from Catalina Island, USA. Ciencias Marinas 46(4): 253–267.

Gabara, S.S., B.P. Weitzman, B.H. Konar, and M.S. Edwards. 2020. Macroalgal defense phenotype correlates with herbivore abundance. Marine Biology 167:179.

Edwards, M.S., B.H. Konar, J-H. Kim, S.S. Gabara, G. Sullaway, T. McHugh, M. Spector, and S. Small. 2020. Marine deforestation leads to widespread loss of ecosystem function. PLoS ONE 15(3): e0226173.

Gabara, S.S. 2020. Trophic structure and potential carbon and nitrogen flow of a rhodolith bed at Santa Catalina Island inferred from stable isotopes. Marine Biology 167:30.

Gabara, S.S., S.L. Hamilton, M.S. Edwards, and D.L. Steller. 2018. Rhodolith structural loss decreases abundance, diversity, and stability of benthic communities at Santa Catalina Island, CA. Marine Ecology Progress Series 595:71–88.


  • Trophic ecology
  • Stable isotope ecology
  • Foundation species



After taking an undergraduate course at UC Santa Cruz, where I learned about deep sea hydrothermal vent communities and became basic SCUBA certified, I've been hooked on learning all that I can about the marine environment and the amazing life there. I've earned a bachelor's from UCSC in marine biology; a master's from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories through San Jose State, where I worked on boat mooring chain disturbance on benthic marine communities; and a doctorate through the joint doctoral program with San Diego State and UC Davis on food web impacts of losing kelp forests. I'm currently an EPSCoR coastal margins postdoctoral researcher through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, working on understanding the impacts of glacial melt on nearshore marine communities.