Research Staff and Post-Docs

picture of Mike Litzow

Mike Litzow

Research Assistant Professor

Fisheries Ecology
Fisheries Oceanography
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
118 Trident Way
Kodiak, AK 99615
University of Tasmania
Ph.D. Marine Science
University of California Santa Cruz
M.S. Marine Science
University of Alaska Fairbanks
B.S. Biology
Litzow, M.A.. 2017. Indications of hysteresis and early warning signals of reduced community resilience during a Bering Sea cold anomaly. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 571:1328. doi:

Litzow, M.A., A.J. Hobday, S.D. Frusher, P. Dann, and G.N. Tuck. 2016. Detecting regime shifts in marine systems with limited biological data: An example from southeast Australia. Progress in Oceanography. 141:96108. doi:

Litzow, M.A., and M.E. Hunsicker. 2016. Early warning signals, nonlinearity, and signs of hysteresis in real ecosystems. Ecosphere. 7(12):e01614. doi:

Litzow, M.A., and D. Urban. 2013. Fishing through (and up) Alaskan food webs. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 66(2):201211. doi:

Litzow, M.A., and F.J. Mueter. 2013. Assessing the ecological importance of climate regime shifts: An approach from the North Pacific Ocean. Progress in Oceanography. 120:110119. doi:

Litzow, M.A., F.J. Mueter, and A.J. Hobday. 2013. Reassessing regime shifts in the North Pacific: incremental climate change and commercial fishing are necessary for explaining decadal-scale biological variability Global Change Biology. 20(1):3850. doi:

Litzow, M.A., F.J. Mueter, and J.D. Urban. 2013. Rising catch variability preceded historical fisheries collapses in Alaska. Ecological Applications. 23(6):14751487. doi:

Litzow, M.A., J.D. Urban, and B.J. Laurel. 2008. Increased spatial variance accompanies reorganization of two continental shelf ecosystems. Ecological Applications. 18(6):13311337. doi:

Mueter, F.J., and M.A. Litzow. 2008. Sea ice retreat alters the biogeography of the Bering Sea continental shelf Ecological Applications. 18(2):309320. doi:

Litzow, M.A., and L. Ciannelli. 2007. Oscillating trophic control induces community reorganization in a marine ecosystem. Ecology Letters. 10(12):11241134. doi:

  • climate effects on fisheries
  • temporal ecology
  • ecosystems ecology
Current Research Projects
  • Non-stationary ecosystem processes in the Gulf of Alaska
  • Developing ecosystem indices to capture novel ecosystem states
  • Basin-wide ecological responses to the 20142016 North Pacific heat wave
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