Jeffrey Falke

Jeffrey Falke

Associate Professor

Fisheries Conservation
Fisheries Ecology
Fisheries Management

U.S. Geological Survey
Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
210 Irving I, PO Box 757020
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7020
907-474-7872 (fax)


Colorado State University
Ph.D. Fisheries Biology

Kansas State University
M.S. Biology

University of Missouri
B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife


Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications

Falke, J.A., B.M. Huntsman, and E.R. Schoen. 2019. Climatic variation drives growth potential of juvenile Chinook salmon along a subarctic boreal riverscape. In R.M. Hughes and D. Infante (eds.). Advances in understanding landscape influences on freshwater habitats and biological assemblages, pp. 57–82. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 90, Bethesda, Maryland.

Matter, A.N., J.A. Falke, J.A. López, and J.W. Savereide. 2018. A rapid-assessment method to estimate the distribution of juvenile Chinook salmon in tributary habitats using eDNA and occupancy estimation. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 38:223–236.

Perkin, J.S., K.B. Gido, J.A. Falke, K.D. Fausch, H. Crockett, E.R. Johnson, and J. Sanderson. 2017. Groundwater declines are linked to changes in Great Plains stream fish assemblages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(28): 7373–7378.

Lynch, A.J., B.J.E. Myers, C. Chu, L.A. Eby, J.A. Falke, R.P. Kovach, T.J. Krabbenhoft, T.J. Kwak, J. Lyons, C.P. Paukert, and J.E. Whitney. 2016. Climate change effects on North American inland fish populations and assemblages. Fisheries 41:346–361.

Falke, J.A., J.B. Dunham, C.E. Jordan, K.M. McNyset, and G.H. Reeves. 2013. Spatial ecological processes and local factors predict the distribution and abundance of spawning by steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) across a complex riverscape. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79232.

Peterson, E.E., J.M. Ver Hoef, D.J. Isaak, J.A. Falke, M-J. Fortin, C.E. Jordan, K. McNyset, P. Montestiez, A.S. Ruesch, A. Sengupta, N. Som, E.A. Steel, D.M. Theobald, C.E. Torgersen, and S.J. Wenger. 2013. Modeling dendritic ecological networks in space: an integrated network perspective. Ecology Letters 16(5): 707–719.

Falke, J.A., and K.D. Fausch. 2010. From metapopulations to metacommunities: linking theory with empirical observations of the spatial population dynamics of stream fishes. In K.B. Gido and D.A. Jackson (eds.). Community ecology of stream fishes: concepts, approaches and techniques, pp. 207–233. American Fisheries Society Special Publication 73.


  • Freshwater fish ecology and conservation biology
  • Landscape and spatial ecology of freshwater systems
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology of salmonids
  • Climate change impacts on aquatic systems
  • Impacts of introduced species on native aquatic fauna


Research Overview

My research focuses on the population and community ecology of freshwater fishes, often linking environmental stressors (e.g., climate change, groundwater pumping, wildfire) to freshwater fish population and assemblage dynamics across a variety of aquatic ecosystems. This research bridges the gap between basic and applied fisheries ecology, integrating quantitative ecological analyses, spatial statistical methods, landscape ecology and conservation biology to address conservation and management issues.




  • Institute of Arctic Biology
  • Department of Biology and Wildlife