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Peter Westley

Assistant Professor

Fisheries Conservation
Fisheries Ecology
College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
2150 Koyukuk Drive
AHRB 204
Fairbanks, AK 99775
907-474-7204 (fax)
Office Hours
Open door policy. Feel free to come by
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Ph.D. Biology
University of Washington
Post-Doc. Fisheries
University of Washington
M.S. Fisheries
University of Washington (Fisheries)
Berdahl, A., P.A.H. Westley, S. Levin, I. Couzin, and T.P. Quinn.. 2014. A collective navigation hypothesis for homeward migration in anadromous salmonids. Fish and Fisheries..

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Westley, P.A.H., T.P. Quinn, and A.H. Dittman. 2013. Straying by hatchery-produced Pacific salmon and steelhead differs among species, life history, and population CJFAS. 70:735-746.

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Westley, P.A.H, C.M. Conway, and I.A. Fleming. . 2012. Phenotypic divergence of exotic fish populations is shaped by spatial proximity and habitat differences across an invaded landscape. Evolutionary Ecology Research. 14:147-167.

Westley, P.A.H, E.J. Ward, and I.A. Fleming.. 2012. Fine-scale local adaptation in an invasive freshwater fish has evolved in contemporary time. Proceedings of the Royal Society: B. . 280(20122327)

Westley, P.A.H.. 2011. What invasive species reveal about the rate and form of contemporary phenotypic change in nature American Naturalist. 177:496-509.

Westley, P.A.H. and I.A. Fleming. 2011. Landscape factors that shape a slow and persistent biological invasion: brown trout in Newfoundland 1883-2010 Diversity & Distributions. 17:566-579.

Westley, P.A.H., D.E. Schindler, T.P. Quinn, G.R. Ruggerone, and R. Hilborn. . 2010. Natural habitat change, commercial fishing, climate, and dispersal interact to restructure an Alaskan fish metacommunity Oecologia. 163:471-484.

  • Phenotypic plasticity
  • Life history evolution
  • Dispersal and philopatry
  • Contemporary evolution
  • Aquatic invasions and colonization
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Current Research Projects
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