picture of Lev Zhivotovsky

Lev Zhivotovsky

Affiliate Faculty

Institute of General Genetics
Gubkin Street, 3
Moscow - Russian Federation, 119991
(7499) 135-5290
Rand, P.S., B.A. Berejikian, A. Bidlack, D. Bottom, J. Gardner, M. Kaeriyama, R. Lincoln, M. Nagata, T.N. Pearsons, M. Schmidt, W.W. Smoker, L.A. Weitkamp, and L.A. Zhivotovsky. 2012. Ecological interactions between wild and hatchery salmonids and key recommendations for research and management actions in selected regions of the North Pacific. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 94(1):343358. doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10641-012-9988-2

  • Genetic Structure of Human Populations
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