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John Kelley

Professor Emeritus

Chemical Oceanography
Institute of Marine Science 136 Irving II
(907) 474-5585
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  • sea ice
  • air-sea-gas transfer
  • marine acoustics
  • atmospheric chemistry, radioactivity, and contaminants
Research Overview
My 40+ years of professional experience within a university environment has been devoted to research in the polar regions and in research administration. My research interests including teaching is in the fields of geophysics and geochemistry with emphasis on micrometeorology and trace gas processes. I am currently involved in teaching and research in the area of applied oceanography, marine and riverine acoustics, environmental radioactivity and contaminants. I am also engaged in carbon dioxide exchange process research in the Arctic Ocean. I served as the Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO) from 1989-1996 which included a collaborative research program related to ice engineering. I continue to publish articles related to research on ice core drilling technology related to PICO activities. I have also conducted for the past 20 years a science program oriented toward encouraging Alaska Native undergraduate students to pursue professional careers in science, math and engineering.
Current Research Projects
  • Evaluation of advanced polymer devices for detection and identification of low concentrations of organic vapors
  • Factors leading to possibility of transport of radionuclides fromthe former Amchitka Island Underground Nuclear Tests
  • Location of offshore gravel deposit in the Chukchi Sea
  • Trace metals in nearshore sediments of the Beaufort Sea
  • Mercury in fish in the Bering Sea, Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers
  • Carbon dioxide and methane exchange across arctic sea ice
  • NEWNET/ORION project in enviromental radioactivity
  • Chairman, North Slope Borough Science Advisory
  • Vice President, U.S. Corp. Arctic Institute of North America
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