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Sathy Naidu

Professor Emeritus

Geological Oceanography
Curriculum Vitae
C. Yeung, M.-S. Yang, S. Jewett and A. Naidu. 2012. Polychaete assemblage as surrogate for prey availability in assessing southeastern Bering Sea flatfish habitat Journal of Sea Research. doi: 10.1016/j.seares.2012,09,008

J. D. Ortiz, D. Nof, L. Polyak, G. Stonge, L. Pronovost, S. Naidu, D. Darby and S. Brachfeld. 2012. The Late Quaternary flow though the Bering Strait has been forced by the Southern Ocean Winds Journal of Physical Oceanography. doi: http//doi./10.1175-D11-0167.1

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Feder, H. M., A. S. Naidu, and A. J. Paul. 1990. Trace element and biotic changes following a simulated oil spill on a mudflat in Port Valdez, Alaska. Mar. Poll. Bull. . 21(3):131-137.

  • marine sedimentation processes in arctic waters
  • high latitude deltas
  • marine stratigraphy with special reference to Arctic paleoclimate and paleomonsoons
Current Research Projects
  • Historical changes in trace metal and hydrocarbon contaminants on the inner shelf, Beaufort Sea: Prior and subsequent to petroleum-related industrial developments (MMS-CMI)
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