Shared Travel Services (STS)


Office: Suite 110, Arctic Health Research Building
Main phone: (907) 474-7380
Fax:(907) 474-6567
STS central email:

Serena Likar, STS Manager

Lacey Guffey, Travel Coordinator

Kim LaJiness, Travel Coordinator


How Do I Initiate Travel?

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Concur Travel

Welcome to the UAF Travel Program! We are excited to support the important work our travelers do all over Alaska, the United States, and the world. Please see the links below for important information about UAF travel restrictions.

For training documents, regulation information, and other resources for travel processing, please visit the UA Concur Travel site.

Student/Guest Travel forms

UA student employees use the Concur link above.

Student/Guest Concur Profile Request (This form is to be filled out only once.)

Student/Guest Trip Request Form (fill out for each trip)

How To Process Blanket Mileage

Blanket Mileage Form (for use by those with "" email addresses)

If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of the STS staff.

My trip has been canceled or rescheduled. What do I do?

Additional Travel Information

Change in Itinerary: Changes to itinerary while in travel status should only be done if there is a business reason or airlines have cancelled your flight. The traveler is responsible for all additional charges at the time of the change. Changes to the originally purchased itinerary must be documented with boarding passes and submitted with the TER along with receipts of additional charges and justification for the change.  

Travel Accident Insurance: is generally provided for University of Alaska employees while in authorized university business travel status outside a 100-mile radius from home or regular place of business (R05.02.060 5.f.).

Travel Status: A traveler shall be considered in travel status from the time the traveler leaves or returns to his or her immediate work station if travel begins or ends during assigned work hours, or from the time the traveler leaves or returns home if travel begins or ends outside assigned working hours (R05.02.060 7.a.).

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